seran wrap over cups for sprouts?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LookUp, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I hear you are suppose to water an unsprouted plant so will seran wrap holding the moisture in while under a couple of CFLs work well? I did it on my last bagseed and It didn't sprout (it was germinated) :/. Maybe the humidity was too high? And no air gettin in?

    I would sit it in the closet without the light but I figure the seed needs heat. If the lights not on, the soil'll stay cold...

    EDIT: i have some official seeds this time
  2. might help never done it myself but if u do make sure there are a few holes in the saran wrap to let air circulate... prob why it died last time. id make em decent sized just to be safe.

    the way i germinate which almost never fails is just putting your seeds into a paper towel, then folding it up and spraying it with water until its good and moist. then put it in a plastic bag seal it up and leave it in a drawer somewhere. check in about 24 hours and you might already have a few sprouted. all of them should sprout within a week but it usually doesnt take that long
  3. Paper towel and in a dark place. You don't want your seed to have light before it sprouts.

  4. OK that was the problem exactly. I already got the paper towel thing down, but I suffocated the lil one when she went into soil... At least it was just a bagseed, kandy kush is here :hello: !
  5. Glad I read this, have had mine in some cups for about 24 hours, with saran wrap on the top. Trying a different method of germming this go around. Feminized WW. Don't want to kill em off this early!

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