Sequence's first grow 2009 (10 strains)

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  1. So im making my first ever attempt and plan to do it the right way the first time. Thanks to this site and about 46146 hours or reading and researching i think i have a pretty good chance of pulling this off.

    Im sitting on a couple great grow spots in a very seculded area of New Hampshire, on privatly owned property that doesnt allow hunters. I am dating the owner of teh lands daughter so I have all the access i need to have a succesful secret grow.

    On to the good stuff, heres the grow plan. I bought two of the GreenHouse Co feminized five packs from Attitude. With the purchase I recieved 1 Pure Power and 1 Gigabud, both female. On top of that i picked up the auto AK-47 x Blueberry lowlife strain to have a mini practice harvest in have a better idea on what to expect with the cutting, trimming, drying and curing process.

    Heres the three grow spots:

    Spot 1: (6 Female Plants)

    3x White Rhino
    2x White Widow
    1x Great White Shark

    Spot 2: (6 Female Plants)

    1x El Nino
    1x Pure Power
    1x A.M.S.
    1x Church
    1x Big Bang
    1x Gigabud

    Spot 3: (10 Regular Plants)

    10x Auto AK-47/Blueberry (non-feminized)

    I plan to germinate with the paper towel method, grow spouts in solo cups for about 2 weeks until they are stocky enough to go in the ground. I will be using organics to pre fertilize the soil and dig my holes early to properly prepare. I plan on using copper rings for slugs, fishing line for deer, and human hair/urine to eveything else in between. There isnt tooo much tro worry about in New Hampshire.

    All these strains are fairly early finishers and are mostly indica backgrounds. Very mold resistant and nothing crazy difficult to care for. Hoping for a very modest quarter pound a plant, so ill keep my fingers crossed!

    Pictures to come asap, currently theres too much snow on the ground!
  2. better not break up with her!

  3. I know right. Fortunatly I have a great girl who is actually helping me with it. She'll be along with me the whole process, and shes splitting it 60/40 with me, so i doubt she would try anything... :p
  4. You DID say girl.
  5. Man ambisious grow i can not wait to here more about it especaily the auto strains . Will we be having pictures soon?

  6. Ill have pics up ASAP. Unfortunatly in New Hampshire we have another few weeks of snow on the ground, but as soon as its close to gone, ill have plenty of pics up.
  7. Alright sounds great man i will follow this see how it goes , best of luck mate
  8. I am running that auto strain too. Already test germed two of the worst looking ones and got one good little sprout. How long do you have to wait to sprout up there?
  9. Ill be starting the entire process probably on 4/20, which means thats when I will germinate. So we're looking at late may they will be in the ground.

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