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September 4th

Discussion in 'General' started by Texas Toasted, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Hello everybody, long time reader and user of GC, first time poster.
    Apparently if I type correctly it makes people think I'm a cop. So:
    Ay im tryn 2 chill wit sumone an kik it up in da boulder area, im frm texas an think itd b koo

  2. I can help, I live in a cabin in the san juans

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  3. Where are the san juans? Maps isn't giving me much help
  4. If you're a "long time reader" then you should know asking for hook ups will get you in trouble... Good luck in your search though.
  5. I value your post as if it were my own child
  6. It was kind of more like search engines brought me here several several times. Are we talking admin trouble?
  7. [​IMG]
    But seriously, check out some skate parks or concerts going on, if your desperate. We cant really help you.
  8. If you, OP, are a long time "user" of GC, why is it that you have 4 posts?
  9. Yeah I figured worst comes to worst I would just ask around.
    Apologies for the OP
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    User as in the store, not the community.
    like I said, first time poster
  11. right... my fault
    anyways; no matter how long you've been here, or not, no hookups or things of that nature
  12. Dare I ask...
  13. Please do, I can probably guess what
  14. Maybe not... no idea what Thad is
  15. Can we skip the hook-up question, and I'll just ask:
    Any places to chill and smoke? Preferably not next to a dumpster and with some other people?
  16. Duuuuudde that's my birthday and I'm also from texas. We're like basically the same person
  17. Probably twins separated at birth
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    The return of Chad?
    He was driving to Colorado the last time I heard.

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