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September 11th TRUTH

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Echoes of Floyd, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Hello Blades :wave:

    It blows my mind that September 11th, 2001 was TEN years ago. It seems just like yesterday. This thread was started to let the people know, who already didn't know, the TRUTH.

    Our government is corrupt, manipulative, and evil.. Not all of our government, but alot. The one's who has the deep dark secrets, the ones who could care LESS about others lives, if their getting money in return. Our government is corrupt. And had a MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR role in the actions of 9/11

    Just three days after September 11th, 2001. After seeing the videos sooo many times, and studying them. I knew, positively 100% knew, that those two towers did NOT collapse because of those airplanes. Absolutely not. I would like to show you a video. Of CREDIBLE, brilliant people. Who are standing up to the truth and what they know is right, and saying our government and their analysis of 911 is compleatly BULLSHIT

    "And the story has to be told. The problem with Americans, it's like a big iceberg. We live at the tip of the iceberg and are AFRAID of the dark truth of our history. And it's getting worse and worse. Well this is a REAL DARK TRUTH. It will pull the whole iceberg down. But hopefully it will rise back up. But we HAVE TO LEARN THE TRUTH. Or this country isn't worth anything......."

    Zero: An Investigation into 9/11 | Watch Free Documentary Online

    **Please watch this entire documentary if you plan on watching any, don't just watch 3 minutes and immediately form your own opinions, that's not how things work :smoke:**
  2. On another, less crazy note my girlfriend and I started dating on September 11th. :smoke:

  3. hahahahahhaha Septemberr 11th? Or September 11th, 2001?

    I hope an airplane does not end your relationship.....:rolleyes:
  4. so what do you plan to do stop the entire US government...
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    LOL! If you still believe this conspiracy theory, you have NO hope in life. I'm sorry, but you are just stupid.

    name calling isnt allowed

  6. I'm not sure if this is the same documentaty but my dad once brought home a vhs tape from work and we watched it as a family. It was going around throughout the community to keep it from being found and censored by the govs. About the same stuff, with probably the same evidence.
  7. Crazy anti-government conspiracy thread is crazy.
  8. The government also killed MLK, Bobby Kennedy, and JFK

  9. Lol, agreed. :laughing:
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    with you 100%

    we all have to stand up as the majority of the country, and over throw our government. just like what is happening in middle east and africa. this is the BIG CHANGE that is happening around the world and has been in talks for years. Our country is next. its going to be scary times, military police will patrol our streets, but organized protest is the way to go. and stop paying taxes. they can put all of us in jail, they are already filled up. MAX out your credit cards with buying gold and jewelry. the american dollar is going to inflate incredibly the next few years once oil productions slows and prices sky rocket. The united states is fucked, but the people will prevail!

    also, the 9/11 truth may never come out, but i pray it does. i cant even think about that day with out wanting to curl up in a ball. buildings dont crumble at their bases when they have fuel fires at the top of them. each 1/4 of each tower was sealed to prevent fires from traveling either up or down from the buildings. the japanese steel used in its construction is some of the strongest forged metal in the world, and can withstand heat from over 3000 degrees. Plain fuel burns at 1200 or so degrees. theres no way *supports* liquified to result in collapse. especially at its base. and supposedly there was so piece of concrete more than 6ft long in the whole ground zero. thats the result of demolition.

    edit: and why during the wost disaster in US history, were 200+ trucks a day were allowed to haul material from ground zero, starting sept 12th, for weeks to undisclosed locations. and why were only 3000 people in the buldings that day instead of the typical 50,000 on normal week days,

    and why days before, did the owners of the twin towers file a new insurance policy that covered terrorist plane attatcks.

  11. Help spread truth to all the 'open-minded' viewers, because our government is small compared to the people. And the people's MONEY is being spent for this black secret government programs, were paying money to be lied to....... :smoke:

    LOL! If you believe Osama Bin Laden was the sole reason behind 9/11, then you my friend, have NO hope in life. And that's fine you 'believe' I'm stupid lol. But that just makes me believe your 'stupider' ;)
  12. I believe our gov't is fucked up, but not THAT fucked up. Seriously, people still think this? You really think we... nevermind whatever, think what you want it's your right as an american.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bdr_2IAJWU]YouTube - Bush Knocked down the Twin Towers (911) - Immortal Technique Mos DEF[/ame]

  13. Think about this aspect.....you REALLY think the top, dark, secret leaders at the top of our government gave TWO SHITS about the lives that were lost at 9/11. Absolutelyyyyyyyyy not. They got more power, more money, more time.

    They kill more Americans in war, they really don't give a shit about killing 4000 more to gain power.......

  14. You REALLY think the top, dark, secret leaders at the top of our government were smart enough to create this insane scheme but weren't smart enough to stop a couple of conspiracy theorists from posting youtube videos? Also, think about the sheer volume of people that would have had to have been involved in making this work. How come none of those people have stepped forward with actual proof?

    I'm not saying that Iraq or Osama were involved but to think that the president or whoever these "dark secret leaders" are came up with this is absurd. The people in charged are basically businessmen and I highly doubt they are psychotic enough to willingly do something like this.
  15. america goes to war for profit, not because they're protecting innocent lives.

    its not too hard to catch on
  16. Oh wow, what a rational and well thought out response. :wave:

    How about disagreeing with some fact and logic. No need for ad hominem. You only make yourself look...well you know. ;)
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    It's just funny how one human mind can read just a couple of sentences I posted. and say 'WOW, anotherrrrr one of theseee kids, SOOO STUPID" :D I laugh at your close-mindedness.

    I just watched a documentary on people who won Nobel Prizes, physicist, military commanders, flight control operators, etc. Alot of very intelligent and credible people. All 'proving' with 'evidence' and 'reasoning' that the U.S. research and development of 911 is 100% BULLSHIT. But apparently there just all fucking 'stupid' :smoke:
  18. I see eye to eye with you on that. All the gov'ts of the world thrive on power and will do anything (even kill civilians) to sustain their money/power (EG Qadaffi) but I simply refuse to believe that we would put millions of familes through that much turmoil for a stupid war. Call me naive, but I just cannot fathom the thought that our gov't was behind 9/11. JFK assination, maybe, but 9/11 naah. I mean they've hated us since Desert Strom in the 80's. I think I speak for most americans when I say: Show me all the facts you want, but I refuse to believe some people would morally do something as malicious as 9/11 for a lil paper. Then again, power corrupts even the most meritorious minds... so who the fuck knows, but I choose to believe in the good of humanity.

  19. Yeah and I agree with you on that as well. I also choose to believe in the good of humanity. But there are just some dark dark dark evil people out there. It's just how it is. :(

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