Sept 11 - Big Lebowski

Discussion in 'General' started by Early Grayce, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Has anyone noticed in "The Big Lebowski" when The Dude writes his check in Ralph's the date is Sept 11, 1991. Then George H. W. Bush comes on the TV talking about Iraq invading Kuwait. Kinda weird since the movie was released pre 2001 ('98). Or maybe I'm just weird.
  2. We didn't invade Iraq until April 2003, though
  3. Nevermind.
  4. Something else weird about the movie:

    You never actually see the dude bowling.
  5. I never noticed that.
    I don't think el Duderino likes the bowl, he much prefers the J.
  6. :laughing::laughing::bongin: Haha good one man.
  7. I noticed this, it had me cracking up when I saw it the first time. Though it was hella funny

    And "the Jesus" if fucking hilarious :D
  8. yea... omg, i wrote a check on sept 11,

    its all in the past and stop with this nonsence
  9. "Yeah well, thats only like your opinion man"
  10. Holy shit...BOWLING! Like in the bowling ALLEY! Oh good god I thought you meant smoking out of a bowl. Well. I must appear QUITE the fool.
  11. Dude, I honestly thought you were making a clever joke.

    You shouldnt have said anything else.
  12. Yeah it was good huh. Coulda been delivered better. I need a bowl...

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