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Seperating Weed from a 1/4

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vVv The Answer, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Hello GC,

    I'm semi-new to bud. I'm going to start buying in 1/4's and higher just because it's cheaper for me if I'm smoking mids.

    I've never had to seperate weed into smaller bags and etc.

    How do I seperate my 1/4 into smaller bags such as dimes and etc? Is there any certain way.

    Thanks I really appreciate it.

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    Yup. If your gonna start splitting weights up you should invest in a $30 digi scale. You should have a scale regardless unless your dealer will weigh it in front of you. I always weigh the bag in front new dealers before I hand any money over. Im not gonna pay for a 7.5 and get 6.5 grams lol. Over time you'll start to be able to eyeball weights. I've gotten it down to about .5 grams when I eyeball a bag.

    P.S. If you decide to pick up a scale make sure it does hundredth's at least.

    Also, I would consider buying more bulk than a quarter. Your not gonna be able to divide a quarter up very far. Around here a zip of mid's is around 125-150.
  3. Thanks for the input.

    I invested in a scale already and it actually just got here yesterday.

    I'm just wondering if there is any certain way to break up the bud.
  4. Not really. Just break it up with your hands. Like you were breaking off a bowl but just keep going til you get to the weight you wanna sell.
  5. Invest in a grinder Youll love it

  6. Worth the money eh?
  7. Yes, a grinder is worth the money, but you wouldn't use it to break up buds the way you are talking about.

    Be careful breaking bud into seperate bags, asking for a PWI charge

  8. I agree, get one with a screen on it too.
  9. Oh Now I get what hes saying Just break it off
  10. You're bagging it out for yourself? Why risk a PWI charge bagging your bud into a bunch of bags, just break pieces off as you smoke it and keep it in one bag. :)

    Plus its more of a hassle having 10 bags vs 1.
  11. Hahahahahahahha!
  12. Oh, so you will be selling it. I was going to say like Modder that there is no point doing that if it is for personal use. If you are selling, you should have small bags and a scale. You don't need to break up the bud; in fact, people usually like fat nuggets better than smaller nuggets, and definitely better than shake. Remember this: You can make nugget in to shake, but you can't make shake in to nugget. For that reason, nugget be better.
  13. Can't talk about dealing on here, dude.
  14. if your gonna sell, dont buy in 1/4s
  15. QFT, you will go through it in an hour, or kids will hit you up looking to buy more than you have
  16. this is retarded.
  17. Why did you feel the need to put that out there, it was a reasonably valid question.
  18. quads are 7 grams not 7.5 o_o
  19. He is asking how he should break a quarter down to ten bags. That is a pretty retarded question man...

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