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Seperating marijuana from tobacco

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ken210, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. My friend recently gave me this aparently MIND BLOWING MIX and Im really excited to try it out
    but apperently he also threw in a small amount of tobacco in their..
    Any way I can seperate the two? Like do I just pick out allthe brown stuff or is there something else I have to do?
  2. Mind Blowing Mix? Hopefully it's nothing more than bud and tobacco, you'll just have to go through the bag and pick out all the tobacco.

    Sounds gross.
  3. Naw your going to have to use a pressurer cooker to extract the tabacco out.
  4. ya just the dark and light brown.. it should not be that hard just time consuming
  5. i can't tell if that is all sarcasm or just a little at the end but there definitely isn't fiberglass
    in tobacco
  6. The thing is, friends, you do not need tiny cuts on your lungs for the THC, etc. to be absorbed into your blood stream.

    Your lungs do that for you.
  7. #7 sinsemillaplease, Jan 25, 2010
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    I don't know about that. It's in smokeless tobacco... why not smoked?

    So let me get this straight... you paid for a bag of weed with tobacco included? Please tell me the ratio was like 99 weed to 1 tobacco... You do realize the price per lb difference between tobacco and weed is astronomical? :eek:
  8. yeah i would take the tobacco out,If weed stops cancer and tobacco cause cancer,take the cancer shit out.

    that's like someone whose on a diet and they eat a salad but they add a 2 sticks of butter in it.counter productive
  9. Menthol tobacco has fiberglass in it. And by "mind blowing mix" ? sounds to me like you got ripped off and was sold tobacco mixed ith oregano or some shit.
  10. I've heard that in amsterdam they mix tobacco and marijuana, makes it a different kind of high so i dunno maybe you should just try it.
    I could have been misinformed though lol

  11. It's called a spliff and it's done in way more places than just Amsterdam.
  12. I cant tell you how sick I am of hearing people say theres fiberglass in cigarettes. Do some research yourself before you post lies. You have a brain/mind so you can think for yourself, not listen to what any idiot says just because its easier that looking for yourself. The fiberglass is just a rumor. there is no fiberglass in cigarette tobacco. If there is any fiberglass at all, its very little amounts in the filters.
  13. the fiberglass in it cuts up your gums and cheek to let the tobacco directly into your body. its not in smoked tobacco because it doesn't need to cut up anything your lungs absorb it.
  14. I'm amazed at how alien the concept of tobacco and weed is to some here...

    In the UK, especially around where I live, it's pretty rare to see people roll joints without tobacco/spliffs or whatever you wanna call them.
  15. So there is none for certain.... but there could be some in the filters? Choose a position. :confused_2:

    I'm sure there's a place to do research about all the things in cigarettes. I'll just walk right up to Philip Morris and ask where their ingredient list is. I don't trust tobacco companies and for good reason. If someone says there is fiberglass in cigarette tobacco and Big Tobacco says their isn't, who do you think is telling the truth? Who has the motive to tell the truth?

    I don't believe we'll know ALL of the harmful ingredients in cigarettes until the Tobacco Revolution. I don't know what that even means... but given the current health climate in the USA I don't think tobacco can be openly sold and exported much longer the way it is today. We're killing millions of people worldwide... eventually something has to give.

    I know. I'm just suspicious of Big Tobacco. If it makes it easier to just put fiberglass in ALL tobacco rather than putting it in some intended only for smokeless... why not? It's gonna kill everyone anyway. :ey:
  16. As sad as it is, for me in most places when I smoke with a bunch of friends in a big group, putting tobacco in is almost a must because of the fact that it makes joints last longer. I don't have a source, but its my experience that a little tobacco allows everyone to get a share.

    I am sure that a little tobacco will not get you addicted and most studies say it is statistically insignificant to measure people who hardly smoke tobacco, especially cigars when used only during celebrations, because its hard to determine whether the tobacco or age caused whatever you had.'

    But I agree, tobacco is best left out of the herb, just don't buy from you friend and demand that he tells you what he added in there. If he did up the price, for all you know it could be laced (assuming he upped the price of course, normal priced weed would never be laced unless your friend was an asshole).
  17. I smoke spliffs like a European and I can tell you from experience that they cause joints to burn more slowly and evenly. They also lower the amount of weed smoke per hit... so the bogart in the circle who likes to take the biggest rips can't smoke it all up from everyone else.
  18. Am I the only one who uses rolling tobacco in spliffs?

    I mean, you can see it right there, theres no fiberglass, just brown baccy leaves.
  19. I mostly do.. I try to avoid cigarette tobacco... but if the Gambler bag isn't handy I'll take a loosey from a friend.
  20. That's just a stupid rumor. there is no fiberglass in chew, that would really fuck up your lip.:rolleyes:

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