Seperate veg and flower rooms, possible?

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  1. In my olsd set up I had a spare room I would veg in, and then flower in the closet. Well I can not use that room anymore and my new location though bigger than a closet, I have over all less space so do not have a place to veg plants? Have any of you figured this out? If I cant veg then I cant run clones so I always have a chance of popping males and have no crop? Its either figure this problem out so I have rotating stock ot become the greatest yielder of all time.
  2. Since you cant have a room for vegging and a room for flowering, looks like you'll have to veg first and flower later in the same room.
  3. You can separate areas in the same closet using a cut to fit piece of wood with mylar covering both sides. Aint no light gettin' through that.
  4. yea man you should post a pic and the dimensions on here i bet someone somewhere has made a veg/flower chambered growing closet out of less....
  5. i'm in the same situation.

    all i want is to cover my smoking habit of 2-3 grams/day

    i have a tent, which is vegging some clones and seedlings, but i want to keep it for flowering once they are of a good size.

    i was thinking i could section off 1/3 of it(or half of it?) for vegging with CFLs, and use a 250w HPS for flower instead of a 400. my tent is only 20 inches deep by 36 inches wide, and height isn't an issue. you choose lighting off of the space needed to light, and not the number of plants right? well i figure i could pack 4 medium plants, topped and LST, under a 250 watter in a small space, with one being ready to harvest every two weeks. potentially have a small flouro tube in the flower chamber for added light at the bottom. i know people say 100 watts per plant, but how big of a plant are they referring to? i mean, seedlings do fine under like single 26 watt CFLs.

    i'v flowered 3 chronic, good sized plants under just 5 26 watt CFLs in a ghetto closet grow with no mylar, plenty of light leaks, and unsatisfactory conditions. but with a lot of attention and love.

    one thing holding me back from sectioning up my tent is that i'm reluctant to stick strong tape to the mylar lining. and the complexity of everything for not much tree.

    the other thing holding me back from purchasing another small tent to put in my closet is that i like to be able to have my closet door open, keeping a ultra-low profile in case anybody wanders into my room. all they see is hanging T-shirts, and not the tent hiding behind the other end of the sliding door. i could move my clothes and get another small tent, and keep the closet doors shut, but then its like begging them to be opened if anybody comes into my room questioning.
    having two tents would allow me more freedom in the quantity i could grow myself and i could connect the vents together and have it all powered on the same fan and power strip, so i like the convenience of that factor too.
  6. The next best thing to having multiple locations is to have bother areas in the same location. This 36" high 24" wide 12" deep bookscase I'm looking at is ideal and should fit in just about every closet on the planet and would be easy to modify. All it needs is a door and the hardware to hang lights. It was $19.95.

    If you have a little more to invest, a simple floor or wall cabinet of the same dimensions will work and come with doors. You can also choose a smaller size at a lower price. You'll have to light proof the doors which is not too hard or expensive and they look good. You'll need hardware to add lights. You may find one for 30 bucks.

    Late option is a rubbermaid box of the desired dimension. It hard to imagine one of these being light proof, but very cheap at 5 bucks minimum.
  7. Not sure if anyone suggested this but I got a 3x3 foot grow tent that ran me about $190 at my local hydro store. I veg in that then flower in the main part of the room. Works well for my needs. The tent comes ready to rock too so your not running around home depot for a week tweaking your grow room design.
  8. Heat would be my biggest issue. Its hard enough with one 400 hps, I also can't have two different air intake/outtake. I was thinking about just adding another 150 watt hid more plants + more light = more yield, but the heat would be way too much. I might do that in the winter, but not in the summer for sure. Maybe I should go back to my first way with CFLs and just add them along with the hid. I dont know but I do need more yield in a 4 month period then I'm going to get at this rate. I will even sacrifice some quality if anyone knows any tricks?

  9. it's funny how similar this sounds to my first setup...

    i'm guessing i have the same tent you do, its dimensions being 20" deep X 36" wide X 64" tall. whenever i was expecting to have someone in my apartment other than myself, i would close one closet door (the one in front of the tent) and leave the other open, with as many clothes hanging in there as possible. haha seemed to work well to keep prying eyes away.:D

    apologies to the OP for threadjacking...
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    this is just a suggestion, but you could switch to growing autoflowers. u can veg and flower under the same 20 hour light cycle. you cant clone auto's but i can teach you how to make your own fem'd seeds by sacrificing one healthy female to Colloidal Silver to make her 'hermaphrodite'. that pollen can be used on a 2nd healthy female to make fem'd seeds, in fact, this is how most major seed houses make their fem seeds. i hope this helps in some way. Best of Luck.
  11. my suggestion would be to grow autoflowering strains. The Biggest Yielding strains im aware of in the smallest amount of time would be Lowryder's 'Easy Ryder' and Dinafem's 'RoadRunner#1'. these will yield at least 2 oz dry in aprox 70 days and there is no need for a seperate VEG room. i hope this helps man. Peace and Pipes! :bongin:
  12. i think this applies to most all of the posts on this thread.

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