Separated AK 48 plants - 30w IP65 led flood light installed

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  1. Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for your advice. I've finally separated the plants, installed 30w led flood light (150w). I was so scared to move the bigger plant.. I decided to move the risk to the smaller one... Was easily able to separate them.

    Is the light close enough?
    Do I need to do anything else?
    How long do I need to wait to see buds growing?

    (Here it's all illegal and this is the first time I taste a flavor -of course when this grows. The Ganja in here is super shitty) 15039254150971566705595.jpg 1503925388665350528241.jpg 15039254150971566705595.jpg
  2. Your soil looks very dense and that will hold water around the roots of the plant...which they don't care for. To be happy they need an incredibly light arid mix. It should be so arid that unless you water slowly, water just dumps straight through and into the drain tray. But they are standing up tall and proud so looks ok right now. Never EVER water till they're almost dead dry no matter how long it takes. Should feel no weight when lifting the container. If you feel weight, there is still moisture in the soil. You would be better off using CFL lamps right now. Looks like the start of a little light bleaching on one pic. You can use the flourescent lights and keep it really close. But LED light burns a bit hotter to plants than other forms of lighting. CFLs won't burn them as long as you keep air moving around plants. If you are having to stake seedlings because they're stretching, it's a light distance issue. But bringing and LED closer would definitely burn them....hence the CFL suggestion until they mature. Lighting is the most important element of the indoor grow. Read up on what works and how to best use what you have. Happy growing.
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  3. Thanks. I was using CFL before.. that's why they were stretching. Yesterday I installed this 30w led flood light and it seems to be accelerating the growth.

    I think I watered too much. I ordered the soil mix from Amazon and it said ready to mix.. home terrace garden. I'll let it dry out.. thanks for the advice bro

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