separate section in Music for Rap Tournaments?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Broosh, May 10, 2011.

  1. more and more i see threads about tournaments, that are often cramming the entire Music Hall with threads.

    now, as a hip hop head, i have no problem going in and looking at the verses and showing my input/opinion. but i feel that it's cluttering the section up for those who don't even listen to rap/hip-hop.

    i was thinking maybe you could make a sub forum for the tournaments, so the other genres don't have to see it constantly?

    i dont know, maybe that's just me. like i said, i don't mind it, but the non hip hoppers/rap fans probably don't enjoy it too much
  2. That's not a half bad idea, actually.. I've noticed how many rap tournament threads there are in there and it is pretty crazy. :p

    The only problem I could see with it is that it seems a lot of people throw insults at each other in these rap tournaments, which I know is par for the course and probably no one is actually taking offense to it, but I'm not sure if it's something we should "condone" so to speak. :confused_2:

    Not a bad idea though, for sure. :smoking:
  3. Yeah i'm not a big *rap/hiphop* fan, and those threads are seriously taking over.

    you have my vote man
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    I think that lots of people don't support the rap tournaments. I think it's great to have them!! Have you read the raps?!!

    It would be a great idea because it would give the tournament some privacy.....I think it wouldn't work, though. People would start to go in and slam while rapping was happening

    Have you people noticed yet that these rap tourmaments hardly ever have mods show up to clear up a fight?

    Let them clog up the Music Forum.....I'm down wit it


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