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Sent text to wrong person

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OvrShot, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I didn't say it was likely to get anyone busted. I'm just talking about sound security protocol. WHY leave any trail when it's not necessary? I haven't gone over 30 years without getting busted for no reason. As unlikely as it is it only takes one slip up.

  2. lol

    Why dont just have a codename for bud like Spiderman or something :)
  3. Call it "crack" :p
  4. This is not true. While most phone companies will not disclose their exact policy they all hold onto text messages for MAX 1 wk... After that they keep a record that X txted Y at a certain time on a certain date but the actual text is deleted.

    I know this because I've had several situations where the contents of a text message would have been of great benefit to my client. Unfortunately once a message is gone from your phone - it's likely that it's gone forever (unless you have a formal request/court order sent in to the company within 100 hrs or so)

    Have a court order demanding that AT&T etc turn over the contents of certain text messages (common in harassment cases etc). All you're going to get is a letter stating that the messages have been discarded and that they can provide you with a log indicating the contact #s and times.

    But OSG is correct in saying that there's really no reason to use text messaging. While using txts to carry on small time transactions is probably relatively safe - why not just make a phone call and save yourself the worry.
  5. I've seen texts that were saved for over six months, though that was Sprint and not AT&T.
  6. Did the individual save these texts or did Sprint produce them upon a request?

    Seriously curious about this. It's fairly common knowledge among those working in the legal field that once a text is gone from an individual's hardware - getting the contents from the provider is near impossible.
  7. Lmao don't worry at all... for all they know your talkinig about your buddy. Plus i doubt they would call the cops on you because you want weed...:smoke:
  8. this is what i found online about verizon wireless

    The actual content of text messages are only saved on the verizon servers for 3-5 days and then the information is purged, unable to be recovered. It takes a subpoena to release the content of the text messages. Once the information is purged, it's impossible to recover the content. The only records that are saved, is the date/time/number the text was sent to and received from, for the fact the information is stored online under your acct information.
  9. This is spot on
  10. didnt like where this was going so here is my attempt to redirect: OP the risk is there that she could turn you in to the authorities, BUT odds are way in your favor she wont do so. Someone could "catch" (I mean that the man is watchin us sorta way) the text message and you be screwed because you did it over a text, BUT the odds are vastly in your favor (providing you didnt accidentally contact a person of the law) that it would happen. Add on to the fact it is not a large transaction, so would already be low on the totem pole. I whole heartedly believe nothing will come of your slip up, BUT you easily could have avoided all this by calling instead of texting...
  11. paranoia is a bitch! don't worry about it. shes probably stoned outta her mind for callin you back
  12. yea i wouldn't text about bud

    some kid about a month ago texted a cop in another about selling weed. said like "Yo you want some Mr. Nice Guy?":rolleyes:

    they told the cops in my town who met up with him and busted him
  13. Don't even worry because she probably doesn't even know what bud means.
  14. #54 IvGotMilk, Mar 5, 2011
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    Yeah man it would have been that robot woman's voice saying -

    "hey man have you got any of that dank shit you had last week?" end of message:
    To repeat the message, press 1
    To record a reply, press 2
    To call this number back, press 3
    To delete this message, press 4
    To hear these options again, press hash.

    Edit: I've done this before also, but I later sent another text saying "Yeah, forgot to say, that was the missing part of our drama script word for word"

    Never heard back from that number though.
  15. Lol, ive done that before. This is always why if im unsure i say "hey is this steve?" Also, dont send messages about weed when you are high. Had to learn that the hard way.
  16. Theres a company called cricket. No trace at all is saved of your texts/calls. Alot of people i know who are in deep illegal shit use cricket. And its saved my ass before.
  17. why would someone text a sheriff??

    for bud??
  18. Them cops have to have a big stash.
  19. call her back and ask if she has any bud? who knows you might make a new friend. and then she can bake you some fucking cookies.

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