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Sent text to wrong person

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OvrShot, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. what happens is dealers usually get prepaid phones and set them up with fake names and addresses. but texting is still a no no. if a cop busts your ass and you have the phone in your possession they can and will go through it and use it against you.

    i always delete texts right after i send them but i never say anything i shouldnt. recently all the texts i deleted over the past week just happened to be in my inbox for some reason. so lets say you decide to delete them and still think the cops cant get you and they end up popping up like mine have.

    NEVER EVER txt anyone about drugs EVER!!!!!
  2. its not illegal to ask for bud. Im sure i could walk up to an iowa cop and ask for bud, if im not holding im not getting arrested.

    just dont continue with the deal, no matter how crazy it would be buying weed from an old lady lol
  3. Actually in some jurisdictions it IS illegal to ask someone to engage in an illegal activity.

    I just love all the armchair lawyers on GC who think they know what they are talking about but don't. Then again someone has to keep the lawyers and court reporters employed.
  4. I've done that many of times. You did all you could do. Or you could text back and be like "Bud was my dog...he ran away :("
  5. i have sent thousands of texts about drugs haha, thank god my parents dont know you can ask the phone company for them.
  6. chances are she doesnt even know how to work her phone. so your fine. :smoke:

  7. if your over 18 and have your own phone she cant check it at all. only if the bill is in her name.
  8. lol thanks forum cop

  9. well, incidentally many young adults still have their phones paid for by their parents. in my case it would be stupid not to get a phone from by dad due to the circumstances... but yeah
  10. I knew a kid that knew he was about to get arrested so he smashed the shit out of his phone lol. Kids...
  11. ^^ somewhat smart of him, no?

  12. oh, dude, when you smash your phone you take off with its' spirit and travel lightspeed through cyberspace, didn't you know?

    best escape ever
  13. this whole thread is filled with failure.
  14. Kinda. If cops knew you did it they could charge you for tampering with evidence. Id personally just take the sim card out. Some phones dont have them though =/

  15. Really? I thought texts were only saved in those servers for 72 hours? I tried getting old text messages sent from April/May and they said they didn't have them anymore.

    I could see why voice calls < text though. I mean if you're going to text, be inconspicuous lol not "HEY MAN CAN I HAVE TWENTY DOLLARS WORTH OF MARIJUANA?! AND TEXT ME YOU'RE ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN GO PICK UP THE MARIJUANA RIGHT NOW."

    OP - I think you'll be fine.
  16. just delete your texts people. some people are so damn paranoid. find me one incident where somebody has gotten into legal trouble for bud from texting. i mean, if your a big time dealer maybe, but otherwise no way.
  17. I find it hard to believe phone companies save texts for a "long, long time" friend. BILLIONS of texts are sent every single day. Sure each one doesnt comprise much in terms of memory, but they certainly add up.
  18. Believe it or not. They keep them for at least six months. They are very small, and I don't think you have a grasp of the petabytes of data they store routinely.

    I've been an IT consultant for the better part of 20 years. I know what I'm talking about. I've done work with all of the major telecomms. They keep texts.

  19. I bought a pre-paid phone in Jan, at Target, and they didn't even ask for my name, or for an ID.
  20. #40 Meursault, Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2010
    Eh I don't know where you live but I've seen cops simply return cell-phones after a week or two to some pretty fucking clearly guilty (on numerous counts) people after simply looking through the texts and pictures on the phone and never pulling any sort of records. If such records are in fact kept then police seem to be hesitant to use them, at least around here.

    In any case, even if every text message sent was read by a cop before it got to it's recipient, they still wouldn't ever go out on manhunts over 20 sacks. Let's be realistic here.

    We're not talking about pounds of coke. We're talking about a sack of weed and, at least in this state, there's actually a pretty damn reasonable chance that the proposed transaction is legal. I'm not saying cops have their priorities straight at all, but even they know that they've got much better ways to spend their (or our) time and money.

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