Sensible Washington I-1068!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Coconut, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hey all you washington folks!
    This is our chance to decriminalize marijuana!

    This measure would remove state civil and criminal penalties for persons eighteen years or older who cultivate, possess, transport, sell, or use marijuana. Marijuana would no longer be defined as a "controlled substance." Civil and criminal penalties relating to drug paraphernalia and provisions authorizing seizure or forfeiture of property would not apply to marijuana-related offenses committed by persons eighteen years or elder. The measure would retain current restrictions and penalties applicable to persons under eighteen.

    This initiative would also apply to the growing of hemp!

    If you want to get involved, visit Sensible Washington

    My sister just took over as the campaign manager, and she'd love for anyone to help out with the effort.

    If you don't have the time, make sure you sign the petition!
    Keep in mind you need to be a registered voter.
    Most times the signature gatherers will also have forms for you to register to vote.

    The due date for the initiative is July 2nd, and if we get enough sigs, it will go on the November ballot.

    Let's legalize this shit!
  2. Is your sister's name Renata?
  3. Renata Rollins, that's her! She's doing wonders for the campaign
  4. Alright yeah, I met her yesterday at our coordinator meeting. My girlfriend and I are coordinators for 6 cities, we joined around the time the campaign started.

    Renata seems like a cool person and a good addition to the team, I look forward to working with her. We're right on track to get enough signatures and have had a great first couple months considering how quickly things were thrown together, but having new blood only ensures we'll get this thing on the ballot.
  5. 6 Cities! Nice! Right now I'm studying abroad in New Zealand, and I wish I could be in Washington to help out, but when I get back I will definitely get out the vote in time for November.

    As of now, I'm getting some signatures from Washington residents who are over here as well, heheh. Every sig counts!
  6. Did your sister say if they'll be able to make the 240,000 deadline?

    I hear they're around 140,000 signatures.
  7. My optimism says that we will get the required signatures!

    I asked Renata what the latest hard count is, and she said they'd probably know in a few days, so I'll get back to you on that!

    I feel like as the weather starts to get warmer, more folks are going to be out and about, and will increase their chances of running into signature gatherers

  8. No one but Phillip Dawdy and Douglas Hiatt and maybe some of the other initiative writers know the hard numbers. Renata didn't think we were at 140,000 and maybe not even 130,000 but I'm pretty positive we're over 130,000 at the least and are closer to 150,000. We got about 70,000 the first month and a week or two and this last month has been far more productive so we should of at least doubled it.

    There was a hard count on May 7th though so we should have a little more of an idea of where we're at in a day or two.

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