Discussion in 'General' started by daiseyduked, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. i'm pourin my first drink *cheers* where the hell are ya!! we're supposed to be havin some drinks tonite! get your crazy ass butt in here!
  2. oh honey, you know ive been roostertailin it up! LOL :p I got a new keyboard where the shift key gets stuck so FAIR warning if I start screaming!!!! LOL :) and cheers to all ya'll out there checkin out the sensi thread! thanks daisey! you so fun :p

    so far on my liver, 6 beers, 1 tequilla a nd some party shooter named like peachy this and fuzzy that lmao yeah like couldnt pass that up

    agenda, more beers, and more tequilla,

    anyone in favor? no need to say anything

    cause AYE AYE!!! :D
  3. lmfa!! u kill me;)!!!!!!

    ur shy with the drinks !!!! lolpass some of those drinkies u got over there to me!!!!! i've only got bacardie limon and oj!!!!!!! but they're goin down alrighty then!!!
  4. yeah leave us hanging...

    come on......amped? lol..share share!!
  5. woooooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!! get naked and drink margaritasssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

    i know im one steap ahead of the game.... :D

    plus.. im all amped for some reason with nothing to do....

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  6. well u came to the right place:D love the margaritas!! martinis my drink, but alas the good ole rummmmish!

    margaritassss and gettin nekked hmmmmmmmm.....;)
  7. im naked right now, im ready, oh god, no im not..........ohhhh god., done.....good night.
  8. Toping the night off with some Jack and coke... May be on the sleepy side soon!
  9. well see, that's not quite what we were expecting! but that's alright. it's gunna happen sometimes. i'll drink to that!

  10. lol have a drink on me!

  11. *on* you?

    <font size=8>BODY SHOTS!!!!!!</font size=8>
  12. oooo bongy body shots!!! c'mon i know ya wanna;)
  13. *stands in line patiently waiting*

  14. lol lotsa body shots!

    *stands in line patiently waiting*

    okay sensi, ur up

    *pours shots into sensi's bella button:D....and sucks it all up *

    i'll leave the graphic details for the imagination:D

    this shit takes me too long to do sometimes lol
  15. Haha you guys are fuckin crazy, so where do we get to get to have body shots from sensi.

    * waits in line *

  16. oh, by all means, I love a lovely ladies tongue licking up the juices all over my body lmao....

    *BUT* I was thinking .......

    *holds salt shaker in one hand**vodka shot in other*
    ...dont believe what they say aboutt the blue eyed puppy dog look...
    im okay doing them off the desk LMAO
    ask gravy, he knows all about licking desks....
  17. oh i know all about the blue eyed puppy dog look lol! it can do wonders!

  18. vodka body shots?!

    cuervo is forr body as for licking desks...... i don't recommed it.... but why waste anything...:D

    besides... i'd rather lick a shot off a hard wood floor then outta anybelly button....;)
  19. any? thats what you mean right? lmao....ok we aint talking bongos belly button right lol....

    go ahead hon, you like the hard wood.... its all can probably do it better than me eh? you wont post pics lmao ;)

  20. I smell a lil bit inclination...intolerance towards one of the greats, the kind! of brain cell reduction :D need I ...

    serioulsy.....cant we all just get a bong (and do body shots whatever they are off each other)

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