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Sensi Star

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dank_Head, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. hey all. this is my first post.

    just thought i'd share about my new hook i got for some sensi star.

    i dont know if its Indica or Sativa

    but i just smoked 2 good sized bowls out of a home made water bong with my brother and all i know is that my heart is racing, eyes are real heavy, and my eyeballs are about 70% red.

    the buds look pretty much incredible to be honest. it's probably the best bud i've smoked besides purp haze.

    but about this guy. we'll call him billy.

    he works at this marina that my dad just put our new boat.

    he's about 50 years old

    my younger brother and i were smoking a cigarette on some picnic benches in the marina and he came up to us and told us if we ever needed a place to hide out and smoke we could go into his garage (at the marina).

    so me and my bro go in there to finish our cigs and he follows us. we sit down and he says, "you guys wanna see somethin cool?"

    then he whipped out a vile full of this amazing lookin bud.

    he gave us a gram to smoke by ourself and we were pretty much blown out afterwards.

    he told us we could buy these viles full which are 2.5 grams a piece for $35

    me and my bro have been buyin these viles for a couple days now and today he sold us 7 grams for $100.

    im gonna have pics up of this bud in a couple days. maybe tomorrow night.

    all i'd like is peoples input i guess. im just sharin my story.
  2. make sure he's not a rape-you-in-the-ass kinda guy.. but, yeah, congrats finding a good hookup.

  3. $100 for 7 grams is a little steep even if its some bomb dank, i can get 1/4 of sour diesel for $80. its all about location

  4. $100 for a 1/4 is a very standard price... The way I see it, this guy is getting:

    $20 - gram
    $35 - 2 gram
    $55 - 1/8th
    $100 = 1/4

    thats very standard pricing...

    Gratz on the hookup man... i wish dank fell into my lap like that.
  5. Yeah, I love that stuff. Some of my favorite kind of bud right there, and those are pretty good prices, way better than what I pay anyway.
  6. this is all that goes on in these threads... same kids like LOL I GET BUDZ CHEAPER OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZ it gets old -_- we should just start neg repping ppl that just brag about their cheaper prices ;p
  7. sensi star is mostly indica fyi.. it does have some surprising cereberal properties though.. but what i like about it is you can smoke as much as you want and you never get that paranoid feeling.. its the most comfortable high in the world.. makes things kinda dreamy lol, i think i still prefer Dumpster though..
  8. oooooo i love that ohio dumpster!

  9. I think noobs should make a thread about how much they pay..oh is THE thread

    ^^every blade should read this thread atleast the first post

    edit: this has nothing to do with the ops post, but the shady responses these topics always get

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