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Sensi Seeds Jack Herer

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by GreenMachine420, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. I am thinking of ordering Sensi Seeds Jack Herer from the attitude seed bank for $170. Do u think it is worth it? does any1 know of a place i can get the true jack herer seeds for cheaper. white label seeds also has jack herer seeds for $90. does any1 know if its the true jack herer. i will also be getting a lot of seeds for free. this will be my order.

    Sensi seeds - jack herer - $170 10 seeds
    G13 Labs - Thai super skunk - 5 free seeds
    Feminized durban poision - 1 free seed
    Feminized G13 Labs - white widow - 1 free seed
    Fminized G13 Labs - Super skunk - 1 free seed
    Feminized G13 Labs - Pure Gold - 1 seed

    worth it?

  2. Might wanna check out seedbay for those. Cheaper and ya get more freebie seeds than just '1 free seed'...ya get 5 per strain. :)
  3. marijuana-seeds.nl has them buy a pack get one free :hello:
  4. ^^^^ thank you. its a great deal!!! but the seeds are way cheaper. there $80 at marijuna-seeds.nl instead of $170 at the attitude. and they dont say what brand they are...the attitude says sensi seeds. do you think there legit?
  5. only one way to find out ...drop them a line and ask who the breeder is
    they are actualy realy cool people im sure they will tell you were it comes from

    another place that has the bomb ass jack is sannies little different but also verry nice theck it out www.sanniesshop.com
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    If they are half the price they are more than likely fake, seeing as though its one of the best strains available and a classic i might add. If there is no mention of the breeder than that is a dead giveaway too, putting up a name, picture, and description for a plant is easy. I see a lot of people ordering from seedbanks that "re-package" seeds, how easy would it be to replace those seeds with bag seed. Those places should be shut down.

    I did not check sannie shop till now... my bad on that one but the others are still questionable.
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    sannise jack herer ..
    Sannies` Jack(sannie's jack F5)
    Finally the long expected Jack Herrer right out of Sannie’s stable!

    After years of selection and improving a super Jack Herrer emerged like never before. It all started with the unique taste of this Jack. Finding the right taste took a lot of time and energy, but then we could focus on yield and potency. After each selection certain aspects where improved, this results in a Jack Herrer that’s exceeds in taste en harvest.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    These seeds will grow plants with enormous main buds. Suitable for SOG (Sea Of Green) or Scrog (Screen of green). According to the number of plants per square meter, they can easily grow as high as 1 meter because of the large part sativa qualities found in this Jack. The plants keep growing as long as 3 to 4 weeks into the flowering time. When conditions are optimal this plant will be a pleasure to grow en and will provide you more delicious stash than you can handle.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This Jack Herrer is a pleasure to grow and shows you what incredible things a plant can do.
    With these seeds you will get free spongepot and bacto for a optimal germination

    Breed by sannie
    Product InformatieType:Mostly sativaFlowering time10-13 weeks
    indoor plant
    Harvestup to 750 gram/m2(indoor) Taste:a powerfull spicy/lemon haze taste and smellEffect:The high is heavy and is in the head(real haze) flowersThey are rockhard with alot off talesTHC:percentage up to 22%Contents 10 seeds


    o yea thes guys are dutch and ther gramer is not the best (but then again mine isnt ether) ...but ive done my reserch and these boys sannie, motarebel, knutsle and basic seeds have some top notch strains like herijuana and k.o. kush along with there super jack herer
  8. dooooooood jack herer looks amazing. my friend grew it and it's gotta be the best strain evvveerrrr.

    for life.
  9. +rep for doing the reasearch for me
  10. Yeah i dont kjnow if Sensi's Jack Herer is worth $170 but I know they usually have pretty good stuff. I grew their White Rhino and am very pleased with the genetics.

    But I would go with Sannies gear. I just placed an order for Herijuana, KO Kush , and Jackberry(which is bred from SanniesJack) I hear GREAT stuff about his strains but wont know first hand until this summer.

    Good Luck.

  11. you in usa cuz this is the only other seedbank that looks legit besides attitude, seeing as though they have no disclaimer about sending to u.s., i figure they would but id like to see more than two people who have ordered so far.
  12. they send to the states for sure .........my order should be in to day :hello:
    one pack of blue hammer and one pack of anethstesia :D
    to cali
  13. Damn those looked bomb....................I noticed there are more than one breeder, which of those breeders has the best genetics in your opinion?
  14. the-seedstore.com
    has them 12 for $19. i have ordered twice from them, great supplier.
    how big do they get? i was just about to order but no more giant plants for me.
  15. [quote name='"RoevA71"']Damn those looked bomb....................I noticed there are more than one breeder, which of those breeders has the best genetics in your opinion?[/quote]

    I wish there was a breeder review section
  16. Bulldog seeds has a nice jack..has some indica in it
    they are smaller plants

  17. Jack Herer is an older and highly crossed/bred strain. I doubt any breeder owns an "original" breeding program except Jack! R.I.P. Big Bear! Spend that money on something new that you've researched. Sannie's has some cool Jack inspired seeds. All those other "freebees" sound like blah blah blah to me. You're spending mucho bucks on nothing but an overabused strain name. Jack Herer, well, buy his books and stay active on his website/facebook! Amazing man!
  18. The strain Jack Herer was bred by Sensi Seeds, and was named in his honour. Jack was a close friend of Ben Dronkers, founder of Sensi Seeds, and when Sensi bred what they considered to be the champagne of strains Ben chose to name it after him. When Jack visited Amsterdam he could often be found relaxing in the erstwhile Sensi Seeds Coffeeshop, enjoying huge joints of his namesake weed.

    The original Jack Herer genetics are exclusive to Sensi, so I would recommend getting these if you can; sadly Sensi Seeds still can't ship seeds to the USA.

    More info about Jack Herer the man

    More info about Jack Herer the cannabis strain

    Hope this is helpful :)
  19. I've grown the Sensi Seeds Jack Herer and their femmed Jack Flash. I always specify that I want my seeds in original sealed breeder packs. Sensi Seeds makes this easy by using tamper proof packages. You can get the real thing in the US, you just have to use a third party (seed bank) that will ship to us. I've gotten the original Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds twice. I can't speak on any of the other Herer inspired lines from other breeders, but the original is good shit.

    I think there are four phenotypes of the original, and two phenos of the Jack Flash.

    Both were good.
  20. White Label is Sensi seed bank! I bought some Jack Herer from White label and they grew well and smoked great.

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