sensi is back in the game

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. So!
    last summer my brother and I are at the diner. its so fun for me to go out with him cause hes one of the few that know im into the chicas :) there was this cute girl he pointed out, I totally agreed! then we joked pretty much the rest of the time both of us trying to get her attention..but lol, that was it...
    so then now theres this gay friend, who has been trying to get me to go out with him to the gay nights at this club. I dont really like the club scene all that much..last time he was telling me hes just going over with two of his gay girl I was kind of intrigued, but still said eh, nah. tonight he came into work and was saying how hes just got back from the diner waiting for his friends that just got off to get ready...hmmm..WELL wouldnt you know, I blushed right on the spot. he could read my face! lol, I just had to laugh! i described her perfectly. I was thinking about maaaaaaaybe going out tonight lol, but I didnt have to talk to ma and pa before tomorrow morning
    SO just now! I remembered WHY exactly I have to talk to them tonight. I wont see them, I have a store work meeting tomorrow morning.
    which ironically, is at the diner!
    lol, Im all kinds of looking forward to getting up at 7! LOL :)
  2. Coincidence? I don't think so, Sensi. Maybe you two are meant to be! Next time, you should say something to her. Smoke a bowl or two before you talk to her, it will make things a lot more relaxed.
  3. lol you've always been in the game

    sensi the pimpet \o/

  4. is that like a Muppet?
  5. pp...look at the pms man..look at the pms ARE the game.
  6. I would wish you good luck but nah- like you need it.
  7. lol ;)

    well unfortunatly she wasnt working! :( but Im still pretty excited just to know the fact that shes on my team! LOL! so we'll see what happens...Im just happy to have my mind a little occupied by a possible new fling rather than an ex who ripped my fragile heart out right through my skin! my skin is sensitive! lol :)
  8. i like skin
  9. skin can be good, its better with a bit of tabasco though.
  10. specially pork skin

    i hope you get your chica
  11. Sweet, pork skin = bad, other skin = good. Soft supple eh emm.

    Good luck sensi, you probably have more luck with the ladies than I do. :)



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