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  1. I just got about a Years supply of Sensi Bloom part A+B ph perfect and used it for about 2 weeks now and I must say its awsome. No more PH up/down No more PH PPM TDS meter just add nutes and your done. Not that I had to add much ph up/down ever but I have 4 large grow rooms and it took time out my life. The only problem now is you cant but it in th good ol USA. Those who grow know why already so I wont go into the story but this stuff is goona change the way the world grows. Now 9 out of 10 problems most grower face aregone 4 good.
  2. Not only is the bloom PH pefect all there nutes are I use to hate AN but now it's the only brand I will use unless GH steal there idea for there nutes. Here is a linkto the ebay dealer who I gotmine from he give you free AN productswith every order over $25 ans shipping is only $9.99 for any order under $89 . My nutes came in 4 days and he threw in extra nutes he didn't even have 2 all ph perfect. Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B 1L | eBay
  3. How much is a year supply?
    Are you going to or have you used the Sensi Bloom along with anything else ?
  4. I use about 6 bottles a year I used them b4 bu I like GH but now with PH perfect I made the switch. This is not counting my extra nutes hadto get bud cany bigbud etc seller gave me alot of free nutes though.
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    Anyone whos growing if your not using these nutes go get some now I changed nothing but my nutes from GH 3part plus kool bloom liquid and dry to AN Sensi bloom 2 part big bud and bud cand. And my buds are bigger and harder than ever I have almost 5 weeks of bloom left and my plant is coverd in sugar. It looks like I will get 25-40 percent more bud with more sugar than I ever dreamed of. My hash from sugar leaf should be great just look. [​IMG] This is my VK my SLH is even worse you cant see bud at all.
  6. It's still not in the US yet so you have to risk buying from CAN but in my 19 years of growing it's the best nutes yet and all I will use from now on I just mix nutes no pen no ph up/down then top with tap water whn it runs low. You just get fat sugar buds this stuff is gonna change growing 4 ever if you dont have some get some ASAP forget everthing else.
  7. By the way homie, goku would fuck vegita even on a bad day...
  8. Never in a millon years LOL
  9. Like the way it sounds but I wanna know pros and cons before I jump into it. But from what you said its new an not yet in the US.
  10. an is not the only company that has ph balanced nutes
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    I did not know this :D still nooby

    Also found this last night just wanted to share it
    Not trying to rain on your happiness or anything, but if you do see any iron def could you please post to help confirm or deny this. I would love to try out this product but i just want to make 100% sure its good.
  12. There the best plants I seen in 19 years even though they dont have iron the have a secret blend that takes care of evrery thing yo need and it's not just pH buffers it changes to the plants need at that moment up to 1000 times a day. Try them when you can I'm sure you'll be happy I am.
  13. How are you using them? What system and are you changing res weekly?
  14. Using in tote DWCs and BBs yes chane my rez every 7 week with normal tape water no more RO and I top off every 2-3 depending on how much the girls drink.

  15. Very sick I would like to try the nutes out in some bubble buckets. Tap instead of ro now?
  16. yes interesting nobody ever goes tap water over ro
  17. hey i use the sensi bloom a+b and the ph level always comes out to around 7.0-7.5. isnt that a lil high?
  18. Yes thats pretty high for hydro I try to stay sround 5.8 and soil I use to go to aroun 6.4-6.8 You have to make sure it's the Ph perfect type though they have reg 2. And yes fellas no more RO just tap water now as long as your tap is between 4.0 and 8.9 PH and most is your all set with the PH perfect blend.
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    I ran the complete master gardener line of advanced nutrients on my last grow. I had iron deficiency for pretty much the whole bloom phase. I didn't know what it was till after I chopped. I thought it was a mag deficiency. So I was supplementing with cal-mag which was doing nothing. But now I know what it looks like.
  20. umm? calmag plus has iron in it.

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