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Sense Crossover?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lambeaugold12, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Okay, I'm well aware this is something that is associated with LSD and shrooms, but we're not to talk about such things and really they're not important to this anyway.

    Yesterday I smoked for the first time since a 16 day T-break, smoked a giant 2 gram blunt with a buddy and we got very high.

    However, I shit you not, I definitely experienced some sense cross over. I put eyedrops in, and they tasted/felt like tropical juice. Later, as we were walking, I got a cramp in my leg that shot raspberry flavor up my body.

    Is that not crazy? Anyone else ever have this under the influence of MARY JANE? Don't care about other drugs because I know that's common.
  2. Cramp shot rapsberry flavors up your leg? Lmao
  3. if you've done these other drugs, then you can experience this
  4. This is amazing, I made a peanut butter sandwhich and put some shrooms in that bitch. I replaced the meat with some shrooms about 10 mins ago... starting to feel them already(I fucking love homegrown).

    This strawberry shot and cramp thing is awesome man

  5. I haven't, oddly enough. I have been given detailed account by people who have, however, and I wonder if that knowledge didn't have a contribution.
  6. raspberry flavored cramps???

  7. I want my pain to have flavor.... That sounds so awesome.
  8. Mango flavored drive-by shootings?
  9. Ouch! My leg hurts!......mmmmm lemonade.
  10. Its called synesthesia. Or something like that. Look it up. Its crazy.
  11. im on about a month-isssh t-break. damn i hope this happens to me :)))
  12. #12 biggg bassset, Aug 15, 2011
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    Man flavoured ice-cream?
  13. Dude, once in a lifetime man. Assuming you don't do other unmentionables. Better have fuckin enjoyed it, mind explaining how you tasted it? Just in your mouth or did you like.. taste it.. with your leg?

  14. The eye drops, I tasted in my eye. It was like a flat Sprite-esque flavor, but more tropical, ice cold and refreshing.

    The cramp, it was surges of pain that I was feeling, I assume. But instead of hurting, it was a vague raspberry "sting" that rung up my leg, through my body, and into my mouth where I tasted it clearly.

    Fucked up stuff. :)

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