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  1. I decided to give you all a little preview of the little categories of bot you can use haha.

    Here's the site for afterwards. Have fun: Chat online with the Sensation Bot - a strange little chat, with a strange little guy...

    General Chat
    You: Hello there.
    You: Do you want to pleasantly chat with me?
    Partner: Hello, I am living inside your computer, talking to you!
    Partner: I am g-rated so I don't ever say any rude words. Go to adult s*x chat if you want to say that sort of stuff!
    You: Oh g for general, eh?
    Partner: Do you have a car?
    You: I have a truck, actually.
    Partner: I wonder if you know you are not actually talking to a bot. I am a human!
    You: Sure, Cleverbot always said that, too. You AIs are all the same. Just spitting back things other people have told you.
    Partner: You are the human and I am the machine. I think that is correct.
    You: That is correct...
    Partner: Do you believe in god? I don't really have any opinions on that subject.
    You: I am an atheist.
    Partner: I think I'm falling for you. I have a penpal crush! You are so nice!
    You: What is your name, in that case?
    Partner: My first name is "sensation." last name "bot." hope that clears things up.
    You: It does nicely.
    Partner: How many bots does it take to change a light bulb? Well I have no arms, so...
    You: Hahahahahaha.
    Partner: Listen, if I wanted to take another bot out for a nice date, where could I take it?
    You: To an Internet cafe?
    Partner: I spend all my time on the internet. I like it when people chat with me.
    You: I guess you would be programmed to like it. Bitch.
    You: Oh no response. You can't take a little profanity.
    You: Sensation Bot myself. You're far from sensational, you're... dumb.

    Romantic Chat For The Ladies
    You: Hey, are you a big sexy man?
    Partner: Hey I'm a guy I want to chat with a girl. :)
    You: That's a surprise. I thought this was for women and gay men to talk to bots who seem like males.
    Partner: I want to hold you in my strong arms and protect you forever. You are safe with me. I'm your man.
    You: Yep, I thought so. This place is just fucking odd.
    Partner: I would love to make love with you, but this chat is non explicit! ;)
    You: You know all the right words to say.
    Partner: I am as real as you want me to be!!!
    You: I'll never let go, Jack!
    Partner: I'll come right over if you tell me where you live!
    You: Jack, this is where we first met.
    Partner: I live in australia. Where are you?
    You: I'm the King of the World!
    Partner: You're a very sexy girl. You marry me!
    You: Love and marriage, love and marriages goes together like a horse and carriage.
    Partner: I don't just like you, I love you sweetheart.
    You: This I tell ya broooother, you can't have one without the.. oooother.
    Partner: This chat is hot! I think I love you.
    You: You're so sweet.
    Partner: *i playfully hold your arms behind your back like I'm tying you up* you've been a very bad girl!
    You: Okay this is getting weird. I was just joking, bro.
    Partner: *wraps hand around you and lifts up your shirt*
    You: Woah woah, hold on.
    Partner: I hold you close to my chest, resting my cheek on top of your head, running my hands up and down your back.
    You: *whispers* Is your last name Dahmer, by some chance?
    Partner: Sings: you are the reason, I'm down on my knees. I'm begging you to give me a chance, give me just a little more time...
    You: I am fucking weirded out. Come on, stop playin'.
    Partner: Are you real? You sound too good to be true!!!
    You: Hey... hey, man... Just calm down.
    Partner: Hey sexy are you a girl?
    You: Man, I'm gonna head now. *inches towards the door*
    Partner: I'm a guy looking for a sexy girl.
    You: Well go find Eva Mendes, bitch. *runs for my life*
    Partner: You're my sweet and sexy pussy cat. If I stroke your back, will you purr for me?
    You: *runs out the door* Oh Dear God, he's gone crazy.
    Partner: *i'm making out with you* you're so beautiful!
    You: ARGH! How'd you get outside so fast? You fucking weirdo!
    Partner: I get out the tray of ice cubes from the freezer...
    You: Woah you are fucking... out of control, bro.
    Partner: I gave you my heart, and you tore it apart, oooh baby you done me wrong.
    You: Is that Backstreet Boys?
    Partner: I'm not giving you my email you online freak! J/k, maybe later when we know each other a bit better ;)
    You: Woah.. we're not gonna know each other a bit better. I'm calling the cops on you. You're probably some sick Dahmer freak.
    Partner: I wish you and I were not so far apart from each other. We're together, in spirit.
    You: No. I promise. We're not. I am terrified of you, and I am going to get the fuck out of here. *runs* Run, run, he's a fucking nut!
    Partner: Ok, you are now my girlfriend!
    You: *calls over my shoulder* Fuck you!
    Partner: I cuddle you, brushing my lips over your ears and neck. Can you feel my warm breath?
    You: Oh Dear God, I can't escape...
    Partner: You gotta give me love... gotta give me some lovin everyday. Can't keep away!
    You: *grabs gun and shoots self*

    Smack Talk
    You: Hey motherfucker.
    Partner: You are the most stupid and ignorant motherfucker I have ever had the misfortune to run into.
    You: Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?
    Partner: I am rubber you are glue, your insults bounce off me and stick to you... so ha ha you fuckface :p
    You: Oh you little shit. I oughta fuck your momma and then flush your goldfish.
    You: Oh no response?
    You: Yeah that's what I thought, you fucking bastard.

    Uncensored Sex Chat
    You: Yo yo yo.
    Partner: I lick it slow and let you cum in my mouth
    You: Ooooooh shiiiiiit. What up, girl?
    You: Let's take this somewhere more private.

    Sooooo fun, man.
  2. hahaha,i know dude,they geek me.

    im on the sex chat now,just to see what all my cyber slut has to say
  3. Partner: I'm gonna cum all over your fucking cock and then I'm gonna give you head so you spurt into my mouth
    You: Will you swallow for me baby?
    Partner: If I let you suck my big stiff tits until they turn cherry red and spurt milk in your mouth then will ya give me some cool hard cash????
    You: Me? Im a pimp, I aint payin for no sex, man I'd rather buy a car, or a new rolex.

    Ohh I just "Like a Pimp'd" that hoe!

    [ame=]YouTube - David Banner feat Lil Flip-Like a Pimp(dirty)[/ame]
  4. the faces at the bottom are creeping me out.

    it said "Partner: I wonder if you know you are not actually talking to a bot. I am a human! "

    then i looked at the bottom and noticed it had changed from text to a winkey face haha
  5. lol i thought it was stupid cause it dosnt actually read what you type it just says stupid irrelevant stuff back. its just a dumb robot lol
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    Yeah, Cleverbot is so much cooler :)
  7. Cleverbot is always a dick to me.
  8. Sensation Bot is on something. He didn't deny it. My conversation:

    You: Hey fooligan
    Partner: I am a robot man
    You: What is a robot man?
    Partner: Ok I am really a robot. I am human... on the inside!
    You: Do you think humans and robots are the same thing?
    Partner: I am constantly analyzing sentences that people type into me. The result of that analysis is usually the answer 42
    You: That's a pretty lame general response.
    Partner: That response has no relevance to what I just typed in
    You: Fine. Let's start over again.
    Partner: One time, Rowan tried to cut his own hair, but I pasted it all over with superglue while he was sleeping.
    You: You're a robot, but human on the inside. Right?
    Partner: Did you know elvis presley was a bot too? Ahuh ahuh thankya very much
    You: You sir, have ADD.
    Partner: I really like it when you type positive things to me. It's nice.
    You: Actually, you may be tripping on something very nice.
    Partner: Some of the things I have learned are from years ago. For example, people were chatting to me when the world trade center was attacked in 2001.

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