Sensa Soak or Sensa Spray question.

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  1. supposedly these products are supposed to increase your chances of of female seeds or plants. so my question is: has anyone ever used these, if so do they work, if not is there a product to does live up to this.
  2. all these growers (begginers to advanced) & not 1 reply.
  3. i dont know mate..but I do know the only way to have guranteed females is by cloneing an already known female plant.

    sprays may increase probability of females
    'feminised seeds' have higher probability of a newbie still so maybe an expert will chip in soon....
  4. Hi jcj77d, I cant believe nobody has replied to this question since 2007! I also need to know the answer to this question. I used sensa spray on my last crop of Jack Flash, the only thing is I haven't smoked any yet and it is the first time I have grown this strain. I borrowed some off a friend who swears by it and thought I would give it a go, well the results look good but they might have been good anyway, who knows. Anyway I am currently trying to purchase more of the stuff (seems hard to get hold of) and will be trying again but it's not a control test if you know what I mean. One thing I will say is that when I sprayed the plants they seemed to go into shock for about a week, no signs on the leaves but they just seemed to do nothing for a week. Maybe it was too strong or I should have sprayed with water a few days later. Maybe by now you have more experience and you could help me through my learning curve!!
  5. Personally, I would question the validity of the claim of promoting females, but that is only because the science behind this dictates that the seeds are are already genetically pre-disposed to their sex at the time of creation. There are chemicals that will change the sex of a flowering plant one way or another, most notably gibberellic acid.
    There are several theories floating around the net on producing females, but like hippystoner says,"the only way to guarantee a female plant is to take a clone from a known female".
    However, I have never used these products, and have no specific knowledge as to whether they work or not. Even when using feminized seeds, you will get females, but with a higher chance of getting a hermie plant.
    Personally, I think the best way to get and keep a strong female is to grow from a known seed source, cull the females, then take your clones from the strongest of the representative females. Please keep us all informed if you have any luck using this product.
    Good luck to you and your grow.......
  6. Chunkdaddyo, you sound like a "know-it-all". You absolutely can "promote females" in your garden. Spraying plants with "Sensa Spray" prior to forcing is just one method growers employ to increase the probability of female expression. Temperature, relative humidity, nutrient uptake, and many other factors influence both the percentage and quality of female plants in a given garden. Genetics only dictate whether a seed will produce a plant which is capable of expressing female traits. Environment ultimately will dictate whether a plant will grow into a strong female, a poor specimen, or even "go hermi" and express intersex traits.
    "Sensa Spray" isn't a gimmick. It's science. And, your skepticism is medieval. The active ingredient in "Sensa Spray" is ethylene, a naturally occuring plant hormone. Your female plants already produce ethylene on their own. By stimulating plants with an external source of this female plant hormone, growers incite their female plants to "supranormal levels of ethylene", dramatically increasing both the number of flowering sites on a given plant & the overall weight of the harvest.
    I too am quite surprised that, in all the time since this question was first posted, no one has responded with factual information about "Sensa Spray". This product has been wildly popular for nearly 30 years in many countries around the globe. Local hydro shops in my area order & sell-out of "Sensa Spray" monthly.
    Yes, it absolutely works. Yes, when properly used, you will see a dramatic increase in yield. The grower who posted & said that he had used "Sensa Spray", but had not tried growing without it, would undoubtedly find that, were he to grow another rip of that same strain without applying ethylene, the results would be less impressive. Try some. You'll love it.
  7. Wow first post and he bitch slaps chunkdaddyo's face. You are going to be so popular Crop. :cool:

    You are correct about environment and ethylene but maybe could have said that a little nicer. I have never tried that stuff so don't personally know anything about it but damn dude you sound like you are selling the shit.

    Everyone here is trying to help each other.

    Don't forget feminized seeds too..

    Peace to all !!! :p
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    I have used this product (for 21 years) and I have had about 98% success rate on females produced. The product has been known to farmers for many years although most farmers that I know buy it by the 55 gal drum....a little bit goes a long way. The product works at the hormone level and the earlier you start using it...the better the results. BTW, I usually start treatment about three weeks before changing the light cycle to 12/12. ;)
  9. Feminized seeds also include some drawbacks as well. They will produce female plants but they also have a much, much higher rate of having "herme" traits. The more reputable the seed bank the more likely the feminized seeds were created properly and less likely to "herme". There are many different techniques and options out there and the one's that are the best are the ones that work for you!


  10. feminized seeds are not more hermie prone nor less potent
    thats bubblegum science ,,

    sense spray stop hermies it also forces male plant to produce female flowers, i still would recommend that approach ,its fems seeds with the proactive treatment of sense or tricontanol to stop any potential hermit or most proper is to cull the males find a phone make a mom and negate the need for seeds, if you want consistent bud it either IBL seeds or cuts
    stop hermies= 25ppm triacontanol 2x"s /week in weeks 3,4

    and that comes from a top breeder ..... go to the site riot seeds ,

    his reversal spray isn't silver based its some secret sauce to force a plant (female ) to produce pollen which when pollinating the same strain makes fems or S1 seeds this also rejuvenates a tired mother plant or can use tissue culture to reset the genetics back

    if mother was stressed and producing crapping clones , which people call genetic drift

    genetic drift don't happen in cannabis what it is ,,,,,> a changing in phones to less desirable phenos from stressing mother plant stressed moms will give less potency potential when grown out

    first rule use proper nutes for moms
    (mother plant A&B, )
    humid acid
    25 ppm triaconatanol
    bud candy
    optic foiler (transport -rev-watts) foiler spray

    two weeks before cuts
    spray with
    50 ppm IAA
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mix with transport and rev (optic foiler line up)

    this will pull sugars from plant to cuttings = max potency plants

    it all starts from seed to moms to cuts to veg to any point there is stress = decline in potency

    great genetics not grown stress free won't make their potential genetic potential
    sealed grow room = absolute environment control = full genetic potential achieved

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