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  1. I'm gonna be a senior this year in HS. Schools starting Monday so I have all year to come up with a senior prank, but does anyone have any suggestions on one to do?
  2. how old are you?
  3. don't do anything.
    they will charge kids with anything anymore.
    seriously, i know a kid who threw bouncy balls down a stairwell and got a terroristic behavior charge. That shit will stick to your name better than any senior prank memories.
  4. Yeah dude it's not like back In the day when people could take a joke now everybody is a bunch of uptight pricks
  5. guy ran through our school naked, that was a laugh
    but it ended with him being chased and breaking a window, falling in glass
    so yeah..go for it
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    Lmao! That's hilarious
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  8. [​IMG]

    Soon cat is a mod.

  9. Now that was just too easy..
  10. cool! me too op! good luck makin' a's!
  11. LOL i knew it :rolleyes:

  12. :laughing:hahah

  13. :wave:

    *Requesting mod, over

  14. y'all should give me a medal or something :hello:
  15. there are so many kids on this forum

    you never know who's not 18 ;).
  16. or who's 80 o:
  17. Dumbass could've at least said he was held back...
  18. people don't read the rules, man

    kids are fucking stupid sometimes
  19. Make the entire office staff/principals/assistant principals/campus cop baked goods!
  20. study hard and get good grades, that'll show 'em.

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