Senior Pranks?

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  1. Last day of school is tomorrow, Im a senior so its the last day of high school for me! Im in the group of guys that does a senior prank so this is what were doing (keep in mind its harmless so dont think what were doing is pussy or childish.) 25 guys dressed in black with a shit ton of chalk were going to draw funny stuff like dicks an all that an senior 09 all over the parking lot an the front of the school an TP the trees an dip out.

    What are some senior pranks you've seen at your school or participated in?
  2. when i was in school me and a cople of my friend let lose abot 60 mice all over the school
  3. i had mine planned out but never followed thorigh with it, me and my friend were gonna plant mj seeds all over in the planters and in the grass at school, so x number of weeks later , plants would start sprouting up all over school
  4. haha both are funny, the mice one would be sweet. my old teach grew up on a farm so they took 2 pigs an wrote "1" and "3" on their backs an let them lose in the school so when they caught the pigs they though they still needed to find pig "2" lol.
  5. You got that from high school stories...

    Baby oil in a visine bottle(hidden in sleeve), squirt on ground, slip and slide time.
  6. Get 5 friends. and each release 80 white mice within the school
  7. shit. didnt see lol
  8. It was my teacher from back in the 7th grade, an I dont have MT2 so I wouldnt know if it actually was on there.
  9. Cover the floor with honey, super glue the exits shut and then release killer bees throughout the halls. :devious:
  10. fixed.
  11. Killer bees are cheaper on the black market though...
  12. We let three goats loose at night :D. When the teachers and students showed up in the morning, there was goat shit all over the place and 3 goats running around. Two of which more or less demolished the cafeteria food supply. Even made the local news!
  13. We let a wild dear (doe) lose through our school. There was piss an shit all over.
  14. I'm sorry, this is pretty much the definition of childish
  15. heres mine and my friends only one of us got busted and got 2 in school suspensions because the moron lost the flag.
    [ame=]YouTube - our new flag[/ame]

    same event different commentary

    [ame=]YouTube - RiDICKulous[/ame]

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