Senior Prank of '11

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  1. The plan was for all the seniors to meet up at a parking lot not too far from our highschool (field and some houses in between). Once we all met up we were going to all walk to the school and get in. Somebody had it all organized so we knew which door we were going to enter into with no trouble. Once we were in we were going to do release a shit ton of crickets into the school, suran wrap everything, and paint the yard, and fill the halls with cups of water.

    So I leave my house and arrive at the time everybody was suppose to meet. I park my car and everybody else's cars are parked but nobody is there so I give somebody a call and they say "Hey, are you high right now?" "No." "Oh, well just come over were already here.". So, I procede to walk across the field and the track to the school and go into the opened door. When I walk in everything looks pretty trashed. They said they'd been there for about an hour and I could deffinatly tell because there were couches flipped on there side in the doors. Cafeteria tables were scattered throught the school flipped up. Some teacher rooms that were unlocked just got trashed. We had speakers blasting music while everybody was just doing random stuff like spelling 2011 with tape down the hallways and suran wrapping everything. The windows were painted (window paint, yeah, we go hard.)

    We werent going to get in trouble because the organizer asked the principles, told A cop what was happening and all that jazz. So, an hour after me arriving some people started to leave. After about 5 minutes of the first few leaving somebody got a call from somebody saying those people that left got caught by the cops and that the cops were blocking all the exits. So everybody is like "wtf??" because we thought the cops knew and werent gonna care. Everybody that was 18+ (including me) decided that we should leave because we were most likely the ones going to get into trouble.

    So our group of about 7-8 decide were going to go out the back and towards the woods and find a way to our vehicles without being spotted. We walk out and instead of goin through the woods like I thought we were going to do, we all just walk across the big parking lot. Half way across the parking lot, we look towards the front of the school at another parking lot and all of a sudden *CLICK* *CLICK* *CLICK* *CLICK* cop car lights, shining right at us, turn on one after another. So we just book it across the parking lot and into the field. About now the cops are driving up the main road ad turning on the road we were parked at (where we were heading). We get to the tree line and we're all panicking and everybody is all "wtf I thought they didn't care??". We decide to chill in the tree line for a minute or two. Then two members of the group decide theyre just gonna go straight up to the road and walk to their cars, so the rest of us follow. We're heading up the hill through the trees and backyards of random houses, and then I see some flashlights looking down into the trees so I do that whole thing where im whispering but its really loud, "FUCK lights!". Turn around and jet back to woods through some thick ass foilage into this muddy creek where I almost fell in and somebody lost a shoe, trying to get to a baseball field that we were just going to chill at until we could figure something out. We never made it to the field instead i stopped in some of that thick foilage and call the person that had it all organized (who is still at the school) "What do we do dude, they're looking for us with flashlights?" She replies with "DON'T RUN FROM THEM!! Just go back to them explain and try not to act high."

    We all walk back to the nearest cops we seen, they tell us to go talk to the chief who's parked by the vehicles. We get up there, the cops are all joking around laughing and theyre just like "You guys can go home we just wanted to mess with you."

    Just thought I would share this story, it's not that really that crazy or interesting.

    I apologize for the wall of text.
  2. what?!? they chased you? they mustve been bored fighting all that crime and such.
  3. Shit. Had me going for a second there.
  4. what lol you vandalized the whole school and they just laughed
  5. Man... Ending sucked.
  6. that was actually a damn chill story
  7. lol.. good story brah, +1

  8. you read my mind

    damn cops just wanted to fuck with yall lol
  9. i never had a senior prank in my 4 years of high school... nobody had any balls and the people that did were busy skateboarding around the corner and smoking out...fuck high school shit was gay.
  10. Those cops sound rad.
  11. hahaha yall got some cool cops
  12. looooooooooool word
  13. Haha someone should have Broken His leg or something in the Woods then the cops would have been fucked :D but sucks that you guys got pranked :)
  14. tl,dr: pull senior prank, owned by cops
  15. I got arrested on my last day of high school :)

    Consider yourself spared
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    Lol I got expelled the last day, but had to do 2 weeks of community service after
  17. The one thing I got from all of this; cops aren't really that bad, they're pretty chill guys. Deep down inside I kind of want to be a cop now. Lol

  18. I got put on probation for a year! :hello: lol
  19. There are a lot of dickheads though. But when you run into that cool cop, it changes your perspective on people a great deal. You think, "maybe people aren't that bad after all." And I know what you mean, deep down I wanna be a cop too, just so there can be at least one more cool cop out there.

    I have a lot more respect for people who have a lot of power, but don't abuse it.
  20. Skittles make me have to shit.

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