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  1. So me and my friends were chilling in class thinking of ideas for senior pranks. We were thinking about putting pigeons in our back packs and letting them loose in hall ways during passing periods. Then I thought to myself there has to be better ideas, so if you have an idea, pitch it at me :)
  2. get four pigs and spray paint 1, 2, 3, and 5 on each pig and let them loose in the school.
  3. Dead fish, Every where. In the vents, In un-used lockers, in the trash cans. -Every Where-
  4. Plant some hard drugs in a kid's locker, and tip off the administration.

  5. Dude what a dick! How would u like to end up w/ some crack in your locker and its not yours. Bad Karma coming your way...:(

  6. 1. It was a joke, I don't expect the OP to actually do this.
    2. I don't even have a locker! So the joke's on you, sucker!
  7. release a feral bear. keep it in your backpack and let it out during passing period

    no! feral magicians, that would be soo much cooler
  8. Spend the year having select girls and guys seducing teaching.

    For female teachers you want a man that can act like she is "reaching" him and "making a real difference" in his life.

    For male teachers you want a high performing attractive but slightly shy girl who seems like she can keep secrets and is more mature than her age.

    Then, on the last day of school release video to the press of every teacher in the school sleeping with a student (obviously videos taken secretly).

    Best part of the prank?

    You can file suit against the district claiming you too were violated by a teacher, and make a million dollars.

    Great prank, bro.
  9. well, we all know its a fact that cows can climb upstairs but will not and REFUSE to climb downstairs.
    so, get\borrow 5 cows and make them climb up your stadium, or some other stairset in your school, then enjoy watching the administration find a crane to get the cows down :smoke:
  10. ok hold, on im getting the number for 1-800 i need some cows
    oh wait i have it already
  11. go to the nearest wharf and find a large ocean vessel and head to antarctica from wherever you are. wait a few weeks with a net in tow of about 1 to 2 kilometers and wait for a collosal squid to to pass by. Once a squid gets trapped in the net, proceed to call the nearest airforce and hire a large cargo plane with a tank large enough to fit the squid inside.

    have the plane fly back to your hometown to your local airport. Meanwhile, you should have already contacted the local airforce (or see if the airport has one) and hire a Mil Mi-26 helicopter to haul the squid 1000 feet above your school on a holiday

    release the cargo.

    greatest prank ever. except for the squid dying. but it would still be awesome.
  12. yea, i already did that shit
  13. lol ok dude...its not that hard to find some dam cows haha
  14. Arrange to have everyone in your class drop their books on the ground at the same time.
  15. or you could release 200 of these around the school

  16. my vote ^^
  17. it would be devastating for the janitors....

    step 1-sneak into the cooler in the cafeteria where the milk cartons for lunch are held.

    step 2- inject liquid ex-lax into all of the milk cartons with a syringe.

    step 3- tell all the seniors to not drink the milk that day

    they would be shitting in all the bathrooms and probably even outside in the bushes
  18. That would be funny until the whole going to prison part.
  19. Who drinks milk cartons in high school?
  20. they sold little 250ml chocolate milk cartons at school when I went there, they were pretty popular. So lots of people I suppose?

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