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  1. So one of my friends was smoking some dank weed out of a bong, and then he got a call from his mom.

    Friend: "Uh Hello?"
    Mom: "You have your senior high school portraits in 10 minutes."
    Friend: "Oh shit."

    So he ended up getting his portraits a few weeks later. Let's just say his mom made him get them redone.

    Try to guess which one he was stoned for. Pay close attention to the school motto.

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  2. Hahahaha. Eagles fly high. Funny shit.
  3. hha pretty funny how come his eyes arent red it jus looks like hes farting
  4. haha thats hilarius
  5. Lmao that happened to my buddy in grad 11 i think it was, haha funny shit his picture looked hilarious he was fuckin blown
  6. hahahahaha thats so funny. :laughing:
  7. rofl thats hilarious.
  8. haha funny shit man :smoke:
  9. Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh wow. That's fucking awesome.

    Personally, I think the better of the two is the one where he is baked. :p
  10. Haha I agree with Wet Horse Lips, my school would've accepted the stoned one.

    Well, this kids school probably would've to its just his mom and that him re-do em >:O
  11. This is just some awesome stuff right there, im so high:cool:
  12. This pic is so amusing.
  13. thats sweet!:smoke:
  14. Hahah I literally crack up every time I see the pictures.

    Especially because he's one of the most paranoid people I know.
  15. Hahhaah thats legit.
  16. Haha. That's some good shit.
  17. ha i took my senior pics high but no one would ever be able to tell.
  18. that shit was mad funny. made me laught out loud. or is that the ecstacy? no, its definitely that fuckin kids face
  19. That acually made me laugh out loud haha

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