sending weed in the mail?

Discussion in 'General' started by niji, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. heya

    i am trying to find out what people know about sending weed through the mail. I've read up all sorts of great tips recently, so i dont need that.

    the situation is- i have a friend who sent a small package of weed (like 3 grams) wrapped up in coffee grounds. The package probably should have arrived by now, but it hasn't and is causing him a lot of worrying that something happend. The issue is he didnt wear gloves while packing it and his fingerprints were taken as a minor (4 years ago).

    so what do you guys think? Will the post office do fingerprint inspection for a small ammount of weed like 3 grams? Will they just destroy the package? Does anyone know of anyone getting caught for sending through the US mail? Anyone have an idea about what the charges might be if caught? And might his fingerprints not even be one record? Like maybe his recoreds were sealed when he turned 18?

  2. I doubt they'd go through as much trouble as to fingerprint the package.
  3. They might look on the forwarding address and come to your house and bust down the door and shoot you!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!

    No, I'm kidding, I wouldnt worry about it if I was you. I doubt if they would go to all the trouble just to get someone with 3 grams of weed....

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