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Sending Pills in the mail

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MegaRaped, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Was wondering if anyone has done it before. What are the smartest and safest methods? Was thinking about getting some roxy's or dilaudid or other strong opiate from out of state. Perhaps a music card with them taped inside the speaker or something? Ideas, info, pls:smoke:
  2. seems like it'd be pretty easy to do, cant think of ideas right now ill post some if i think of any
  3. peanut butter jars. it works my cousin used too do it
  4. It can definitely be done, Fed-Ex is the worlds biggest drug deliverer. You can put it in pretty much anything...
  5. Please close this thread this goes against forum rules:rolleyes:
  6. I laugh at lack of common sense, on multiple counts.
  7. i mean theres no reason why it wouldnt work
  8. dogs can't sniff for pills can they? (like standard opiates)
  9. put them in like 3 baggies than wrap that up with plastic wrap n stick it in a peanut butter jar and cover back up with peanut butter. no way that could fail. ive even heard of people putting ozes of weed in coffee and mailing that.
  10. I worked at Canada Post for a bit. I am not sure what it is like in the states, but in Canada, there is ABSOLUTELY NO drug screening or x-rays or drug dogs if you are just going WITHIN the country.

    If you are only talking about a few pills, go for it. The worst thing that could happen is they take the few pills. It is not really worth the effort to bust someone for something so minor.
  11. Use padded envelopes. Just put the pills in baggies then in a regular evelope, then put that in the commonly 12"x8" yellow padded envelope. The kind people usually use to send paper work but its got bubble wrap or something similar lining the insides.

    It's simple cause you can just stick it in the mailbox
  12. No they cannot.
  13. thx for advice all, when i posted i didn;t realize this was agaisnt the rules..shit says pandoras box ffs. i'll "close" it
  14. :yummy:according to the sticky its allowed ..i think. if it wil get deleted then so be it
  15. So.. United States Postal Service, does not randomly x-ray or go through mail.

    The answer is yes, and it can, and HAS been done. ;)

    edit: unless there may be a probable reason or cause, I should say that much and add another one of these: ;)

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