Sending mail/post to the UK from the US?

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  1. whats the story with sending "recorded mail" or "tracked mail" to the UK?
    im in the UK and trying to answer a members PM about postage, but i have no idea what to say. the USPS website has various methods but it would seem it all depends on what employee you get or wither you buy online or at the office?
    anyone clear this up?
    ive been told:
    They dont send recorded to the UK
    It costs a few dollars
    it costs over $13
    this is for sending cash btw

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    When I sent payment I told the USPS worker to send it tracked and she said it would be an extra $13. From what I read online it should only cost $2 so I was confused and sent it out like a normal letter with no tracking. I was biting my nails the whole time but the letter made it to Gorilla in about a week.
    I read more into the sending options and it looks like there are 2. Certificate of Mailing $1.30 and Registered Mail $13.65 prices from my location in the sates.
    \n\n''Certificate of Mailing service is available only at the time of mailing and provides evidence that mail has been presented to the Postal Service for mailing. Certificate of Mailing service does not provide a record of delivery, and the Postal Service does not retain copies of PS Form 3817, Certificate of Mailing, or PS Form 3877, Firm Mailing Book for Accountable Mail, or USPS-approved facsimiles. The fee paid for certificates of mailing does not insure the item against loss or damage.''
    \n''Registered Mailâ„¢ (International) is a service that allows you to register certain international mail for additional protection and security. Features of this service include:
    • A mailing receipt is issued by office of mailing.
    • Registered Mail service provides the sender with a mailing receipt, and upon request, when available, electronic verification that an article was delivered, or that an attempt at delivery was made.
    • Registered Mail service is handled separately from all other mail, and records are kept by registry number.
    • In destination countries, Registered Mail items are handled according to their own internal procedures.
    • Return receipts may also be added. (Check for availability by Calculating Postage)
    • Padded envelopes are accepted for International Registered Mail items.''
    [​IMG] [SIZE=20pt]Postage Price Calculator[/SIZE]
    Extra Services
    [​IMG] [SIZE=9pt]First-Class Mail® International, Letter, weight 0 lb 1 oz (0.028 kg) to United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)[/SIZE]
    Extra Services Price Online Price
    Certificate of Mailing[​IMG] $1.30 Not available online
    Registered Mailâ„¢[​IMG] $13.65 Not available online
    First-Class Mail® International Letter $1.15
  3. When i get anything from the states i can track it.
    In fact just got a ring delivered at weekend,tracked it all way. Took 9days

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