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Discussion in 'General' started by killgab, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. Please allow this letter to be published in your newspaper. Recently, I was enlightened that many persons are of the view that earth’s marijuana users oppose state’s cannabis laws. This letter aims to state that marijuana users will not oppose any cannabis law.
    The current cannabis laws, which are nurtured by the USA, are subject to strong disapproval from many educated persons. These persons, a list of which would include George Washington and myself, favour a different type of cannabis law.
    In England, the gracious prize of full British citizenship was once bestowed by a decree of the crown, on foreigners who would grow cannabis. In many parts of the western world, fines were levied against those who were found with farms containing no cannabis. Many marijuana users would prefer the mandatory cannabis cultivation laws, adopted by Jamestown Colony, Virginia in1619, Massachusetts in 1691 & Connecticut in 1632. These laws are far more beneficial to our environment than our current cannabis laws which jails persons who involved in cannabis acts.
    You could pay your state taxes with cannabis if you lived anywhere in the USA, in the 18th century. Cannabis was legal tender in most of the Americas from 1631 until the early 1800s. In 1942, the U.S. Government distributed 400,000 pounds of cannabis seeds to American farmers from Wisconsin to Kentucky, who produced 42,000 tons of fiber annually until 1946. In Virginia between 1763 and 1767, you would be jailed if you did not grow cannabis on your land.
    Today, in the 21st century, in almost any part of the world, cannabis is still synonymous for a matriculation in jail. I believe that careful analysis of past and present cannabis laws would reveal some startling truths about the usefulness of different cannabis laws.

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