Send Mike Smith (Bubbles from Trailer park boys) To space!

Discussion in 'General' started by VladTepes, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, thought I should share this especially since I know you fellow blades love your Trailer park boys (Atleast us Canadians do)

    I really wanted to bring this to attention because of the fact that the people running the contest think it's okay to just eliminate anyone who they want...Well, They're wrong!

    Mike Smith aka Bubbles from Trailer park boys really wants to go to space,
    Yesterday he had around 60.000 VOTES
    Each of you can vote 10 times a day from the same IP.
    We have 6 days for voting, So get on it!

    I have already sent a strongly worded letter to questioning why they removed his first application (along with all of the PUBLIC votes accompanied) and demanding they bring it back or I might just not support their "metronews" brand anymore.
    Do what you will but what they did was unjust and Mike Smith has every right to win this as others do if they had the most amount of votes.

    Come on, We can't let those dirty fuckers Lahey or Randy ruin our fun!

    Please vote and share! (facebook, twitter, forums, whatever)


    To any forum mods, I'm not advertising a website in order to promote it., I'm just sharing a cause
    which I think other members would be interested in. If this needs to be modified please let me know. or do so accordingly (please don't remove it?)
  2. Voted up :) hopefully he'll win

    Updated voting page.

    Race for Space
  4. They tried to eliminate him? There's a shit storm brewing bubs..
  5. Voted.

    Also shared on some other forums X)

    And for people who really want so see him go to space download a TOR browser.
  6. Glad people are getting a kick out of it, He's past 100k votes!

    Man....He better bring back some space weed.

    Keep sharing people!
  7. Bubbles is the shit.
  8. Bubs better win. Fuck this Kirby guy :cool:
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    it says comp closed... who won * edit* i think bubs lost
  10. So, did this dude win the contest or what :confused:
  11. i dont think so
  12. Posted on Wednesday from his FB page.

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    well, all he has to do is be a bad ass...for example i heard a rumor about this guy the government is leery of, and they cannot just kill him for various he is too powerful for them to overcome while he is awake and alive and killing him on earth it is said would only net a situtation far, far worse than allowing him to live on earth no matter how much damage he their plan is, if they have to, drug him and put him in a rocket and blast him out into space...with no return trip...
    kind of smart of them to come up with that...:devious: ...
    but then again free space travel, man! what a way to go and what more could a guy ask for?...:hello:

    of course it does ot have to come to that, so they say...
  14. A massive dose of unmentionables and then getting blasted into space. My fuck :smoke:
  15. Yupp, Bubbs sure did fucking win! :D
    I can't wait until he documents the whole thing in character.
    If anyone deserves to get blasted on space weed, it's bubbles. :smoke:

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