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Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Well, i'm gonna go job huntin' today. I got a job right now that pays all the bills, but I need a second job to save up so i can spend a season of stoned biking in BC. I'm going for a job as a wild west photographer, taking pics of people dressed up as cowboys, outlaws, whores, and all kinds of period character clohting. I'm also gonna try to find out about getting a job as a gunslinger in a reenactment show. I think it'll be fun to get to shoot people at work, even if they are with blanks. My friend works one of the shows and i'm gonna see how i can get hooked up with a job getting my ass kicked or shot off a rooftop. I wanna do some stuntwork for one of the shows, it'll give me practice for when i wreck riding off a cliff on my bike.

    Help me out, all send some K my way!

  2. Having a job sucks man.. If I didn't have to pay for my car insurance, I would quit my job for sure!! But good luck anyway, it's something that most of us have to do. Just take my advice- don't work at a grocery store!!!!!$@!@!
  3. I went and applied for the photographer job, and now i gotta wait for a call. I like having a job, but not a suckjob. I already got a pimp-ass job where i work weekends and it pays all my bills but i want a job during the week. I just got too much free time on my hands.

  4. well i'll send some straight back at'cha woody!
  5. much karma friend!:D
  6. Good luck TooSicks :D
  7. jobs do suck, but good luck finding one.
  8. Good karma your way friend. I had a portrait studio job for likee 6 monthes and it wasnt bad once you got past the sreaming kids aspect. Hopefully youll get the western job. Then throughout your day you can pretend your back in time :p

  9. yeah good luck.....lots of Scottish Karma heading your way......Peace out.....Sid
  10. I'm gonna wait to hear from the 2 jobs i applied to, one is the photo job, and the other is a job as a lunch cook at a restaurant a block from where i live.

    I'd equally like ti have either job, the wild west photo guy job will be fun cause i get to dress up and "role play", and i am into photography (I'm working on opening a photo-art gallery and i need some more money to finish renovating my storefront)

    The cook job will be cool, cause i like to cook, i get free food, and everybody that works there stays stoned all day, that and it'll take me less than 1 minute to walk to work, and i can work from like 9am to 3pm so it's not a long day.

    I still would like to find a job doing something more physically demanding though, something where i actually get tired after a day of work, i want to lift stuff, carry, use strength and force, sweat, and physically labor hardcore. I want a job that'll help me get in better shape for biking. I'm trying to get some work doing demolition jobs on old houses. That's a fun job, i love breaking shit, especally when i have to tear down a house or somethin by hand.

    I'd like a job that requires me carrying heavy weights for long distances up and down stairs, or somwthing equally demanding where my gorilla-like strength will be used, and at the same time a sweet job like that will get me way buff quick. I'd like a job swinging a big hammer or a pickaxe and breaking rocks n crap, too bad there's no more jobs for hand-mining like there was before power tools.

  11. ~~~~~job karma~~~~~~

    I'm sending some cool job karma to you and to Woody!!! Good luck, guys!!! :)
  12. money making kamra coming your way, toosicks & woody :) I hope ya both land a sweet j-o-b

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