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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by RiotGirl, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Hey guys this is my first thread. I wanted to share/recommend this book with everyone. I know personally that when I go up against campaigns like abovetheinfluence, and the people that support it, that I would love to have REAL facts. Not the bullshit propaganda they spout on their teeny bopper websites.

    About my Title:

    My idea for all of us MYSPACE people (including myself) should add Obama to their friends list.

    Once he adds us, we should all post comments about legalizing marijuana. Personally, I'm going to post this video on his comments

    [ame=""]legalize marijuana[/ame]​

    It would be affective if A LOT of us did it. 227,375 members to this forum. 227,375.

    I'm waiting for the friends request to get accepted.
  2. That website truly is great. One of the most concise, and credible feeling collection of facts there is.
  3. i'm sending him a request now
  4. Obama is just a puppet, he's not going to do anything.
  5. Don't hold your breath

    He still hasn't taken my poll on "Which Golden Girl Are You?"
  6. Yes, Obama is really not the way to go. Not because of him being a puppet, but him being the president.

    It's a highly political position with very little power to change laws. The only thing he could do would be to publicly support marijuana and write a legalization bill for congress to debate on. This would destroy his image, so he'd never do it. Then, the bill would have just as much of a chance of passing as any marijuana bill proposed by anyone, because its up congress.
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    You guys have no hope lol. Every bit of help counts. I know it's not the greatest and biggest idea but we are stoners, we are all sitting at our computers, what else are you gonna do? I know most of us are going back and forth between our twitters, myspace, grasscity, facebooks... so why not? This is the activism section, and it's a easy and fast thing to do that MIGHT help. Myspace is one of the biggest things out there right now, and more people are checking Obama's myspace right now than a lot of others. It's advertisement to me.

    *shrug* Try it. Whats it gonna hurt?

    If anyone has a different idea, feel free to brainstorm! I would love to help out others ideas. If you have a petition that needs a signature send me a PM. I will sign.
  8. u all are being negative, were not trying to give obama the responsibility, it's simply a meaningless action with a big message, dropped right into his comment box. u people are abunch of lazy pot heads if u cant just simply just start a new tab and log into myspace.
  9. Bwahahahaha! :D
  10. Ok i'm checking back in to see if anyone has sent this, it seems how ever that everyone is too lazy to just post a video on a myspace.....
  11. Just an update.. this idea didn't work at all. lmao

    Obama deleted my posts :laughing:
  12. Likely it was a low level staffer that deleted your posts.:(
  13. Obama reads what is in front of him, he's just a spokesperson.
  14. ^^ You have never seen his town meetings or the sessions where he basically schooled the minority?:p

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