Senate OKs bailout bill 74-25

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  2. I knew it would pass, the senators don't seem to get the American people. Now we must hope in the house. I am seriously disappointed though. When the average people demand so overwhelmingly against something you hope the representatives would listen to the masses.
  3. Umm... why is the page from 2005?
  4. Fixed.
  5. dun dun duuuunnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
  6. FUCK!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
    i want fuckin war against them NOW!!!
    u MUST DIE, senates!!!!
  7. Well, we all knew that it would.

    If Obama is elected he will act as though he has TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars to spend.
  8. no he wont..
    yes, it true that he will spent over 800 billion dollars but, since we're in bad economy, i dont think he will spent trillions, he will spent but not alot
  9. The system is overloaded with people from ever corner of our great country telling them in great opposition to this bill to not support it and they do it anyways, this is just fucking great, they are our true representatives and they cannot get the point.

    We are in a true republic at the moment, the dealings of the government have become increasingly not for the poeple.
  10. The amount of media bias surrounding this bill has been sickening. I hope you all agree with that. Call, e-mail, and snailmail your complaints! Contact info for most senators is on
  11. Have any of you guys actually considered what would happen if they don't go through with the bailout..?
  12. Yeah other banks would come in and buy there assets at huge gain, stabilizing the system, just like whenever anyother bank failed in the US....

    I find it funny my local news station just took a poll on the bailout...largest turnout ever for one of there polls, turned out 100% no. Seems like my conservative redneck town knows whats up:devious:.

  13. Have you considered that theres a correlation between the amount of fear the MSM is projecting onto the public and how this bill was rushed, shadily might I add, and that even before the bill passed the Fed decided to print another $680 billion anyway?

    I'm willing to let the market work itself out, this money will never make it to the average citizen.
  14. market can rework itself out... it takes time, and now, senate/gov broke the law...

    "According to Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers wanted the people's House to originate all spending bills. This was the branch that was closest to the citizenry. Members of House were to be, in the fullest sense of the word, "representatives."
    The Senate was to be a check on the excesses of the House. The President was given a veto to check them still further. And finally the Courts could put a stop to un-Constitutional spending not specifically enumerated or authorized by the Constitution.
    But now, with the bailout, the Senate is getting things backwards. They have no bill from the House.
    But it gets worse.
    New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, appearing on TV last night, suggested that they had a way around the Constitution. He said it's done all the time. The Senate will simply attach its bailout bill to a current "CR" -- a Continuing Resolution. In other words, they'll attach it to another, unrelated bill -- and send it back over to the House.
    Not only is this un-Constitutional -- a violation of Article I, Section 7 -- but this Judd Gregg approach also breaks the principle of the One Subject at a Time Act.
    And the rush to get this done printed and voted on in a hurry violates the transpartisan principles of the Read the Bills Act.
    Now as if that's not all bad enough, Judd Gregg wasn't done being reckless. When asked about potentially suspending the "mark-to-market" rules, he said that the Congress didn't have the specialization necessary to address that issue. Instead, what to do about mark-to-market needed to be left in the hands of the (un-elected) “experts” at the Securities and Exchange Commission."

  15. I agree with you. Some people lose money, others make money. It's called capitalism.

    I call a 777 point drop in the stock market an excellent buying opportunity.

    What happens if the bail out doesn't work? Another gargantuan bailout?
  16. for someone to be making money somebody else has to fail at making money, it's how the system works and has always worked.
  17. Roll Call

    See if your Senator/future President is a dickweed!
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    Wyden, the Democratic senator from Oregon, and DeFazio, my representative, both voted no. In fact, 4 out of the 5 Democratic congressmen from Oregon voted no. How bout them apples.

    Also, Russ Feingold is probably my favorite active Democratic politician in existence right now.

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