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  1. Well I had some unfortuanate events happen, got drunk broke my last bong, fuckin' shitty i know, yet stupid so i deserved, but as bad as it was, helped me in the long run with a brand new peice.

    Haven't got a name for it yet, I got it like two days ago, any suggestions leave em in the thread :bongin:

    I paid $165 with no tax for this bong, originally it was supposed to be 225+tax, so in otherwords, good deal in my eyes anyways.:cool:

    Lemme know what ya guys think, Im gunna post a milk shot or video soon :hello:

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  2. Wow nice plus rep. Hows the glass? Thick?
  3. Awesome piece, bro.

  4. would love to see a vid of that vertical diffy in action... seems like there would be a ton of drag but looks pretty cool

    nice pickup man :hello:

    also i wouldnt stack all those ac's on there... might end up with another broken bong...
  5. thats a really nice set up

    youll have to be careful with it though
  6. Please post a milk shot when you have time. Nice buy, some bad ass glass for a good price
  7. I know what ya mean, but its surprisingly heavy when the waters in it so its safe, but i wouldnt dare leave it on its own when theres no water, liek you said I would being saying hello to another bong lol

  8. yeah man, the base feels more iffy then the top of the bong, but still nothing to be too worried about, handle with care and your fine lol:D
  9. Dude wth is that thing on the side? How does it work?
  10. nice where'd you get it? saw one at a local shop that had the same side diffy perc.
  11. That side perc is FUNKY!

    :hello: Solid pickup.
  12. wow, theres all sorts of things going on with that bong :p

    Nice pickup, i bet it rips smooth as a babies bottom.
  13. You should name it....Sir Dragsalot.

    In all seriousness though, great looking piece with a very sweet looking side perc.

    Well done sir, good pick up
  14. Well the milkshot is coming up tonight, im headin' to my buddies soon, gunna do the deed there :O few hours more then likely, ill even post some of my other glass so you can see the progression building up to this haha :p Still trying to think of an epic name though...

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