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Semi-Unique bad trip case

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Emir98, Jul 16, 2017.

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    I'm gonna attempt to make this thread simple to read and give information out bluntly such as what drugs I've taken etc
    The story begins as follows
    Me, 17 ,18 now tho get high quite often.
    Took tab of acid couple months later I was fine. Saw letters moving around on my phone during the high as well as other stuff obvs

    A couple weeks later I got baked and saw the same letters moving around on my phone!!!(the end of letters would simply move back and forth) this was distressing but I didn't think much of it.
    Went to Amsterdam smoked everyday ofc took truffles again no bad trip I just felt a bit...acidy...went back home smoked heavily (at this point smoking wasn't as fun since we did it so much) so I took a 2 day break. Felt very odd, enjoyed having naps a bit too much.

    Started smoking again was ok until 1am where when lying down I suddenly noticed my breathing. I felt that I was automatically not breathing. I went into hyperdrive thinking I had god damn lung cancer or pneomonia or some other damn illness felt so sick and dying that I went to hospital I was so anxious through it and by god I was seeing letters move again. After this I carried on smoking for a week with no problems then I stopped indefinitely. I seem to be hyper aware of my breathing and still am to this day which is distressing. I felt depersonalised for a couple days and very anxious. I seemed to have developed health anxiety. So anyway I left it for a while a 1/2 week break and I started again. 3rd day of smoking everyday I had another anxiety attack and this time thought one of my ribs had collapsed. Saw letters moving yet again. I managed to sleep that night so didn't feel very anxious at all after it and I felt ok
    To this day I still have a breathing fixation

    I've stopped all drugs as of now but my question is what the hell is/was going on with me and is there ever a chance of smoking up again and enjoying it?

    Thank you so much for a reply in advance.
    I've been really sad and distressed for a while and am going to see a psychiatrist as well soon

    (One more point when I had the panic attacks while high the letters moving would persist until I calmed down be it couple of hours or multiple hours)
  2. Forgot to add as well that I originally planned to not smoke any bud until mid next year and slowly taper myself into getting used to it,maybe smoking only a little
    Is this a good plan or am I missing the picture? Happy to answer any questions
  3. So much for making the thread simple I wrote a damn essay
  4. Actually, it's where the story ends.

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  5. I'm not 17 lmao I have ADD I got distracted and carried on without elaborating that I was 18 now -_-
  6. Will present my ID to whomever I must. Just want my question answered
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    Cropped bottom part for security purposes
    Are you happy now? Jesus
    I put 16/5/17-yes im actually disabled

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  8. Not the right site for this question.... which is why you aren't getting responses.

    Try shroomery.
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  9. I'm not begging for responses. If anyone has had a similar experience or knows anyone who had then they can share with me. lol at guy trying to get me banned
  10. Will delete thread this has become a cluster fuck
  11. Don't know how to therefore I'm leaving it here

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