Semi newbie question - watering since its hot out

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    Hey everyone,

    I used to be able to water my 5 gallon pots, and they would be good for 3-4 days before being dry (I ctan tell by the weight of picking them up)

    But lately they are getting towards the end of flowering, and it is also 95/100 degrees outside.

    My question is, I now have to water them every 24-36 hours, in that little of time the soil will be bone dry and my smallest plant will start to wilt.

    I am about to start following the fox farm feeding schedule, which is to water them every other watering.

    If I am going to be watering them every 24 hours for an example, do I still want to give them nutes every other watering?

    If I am going to give them nutes every other water still ( so nutes every 48 or so hours), should I still be giving them the full strength nuts or should I cut back a bit?

    I used to only give nuts every 6-7 days, but my leaves have always shown a slightly low nute symptomns (yellowing leaves, etc, nothing extreme just some leaves yellowing)., which is why I want to start feeding every other water like foxfarms suggests.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Here is the feeding schedule I am going to be using.

    I will only be using tiger bloom, Grow Big and Liquid Karma, which is similar to big bloom.

    Thanks a lot looking forward to yiour reply.
  2. ok ill see if i can help you with your questions. first off when your pots dry out that quickly it sounds like your plants have become rootbound. you may want to move them into a bigger pot. my rule of thumb is to water twice a week once plain water and once with nutes. finally the yellowing of the leaves im not sure if your talking about fan leaves or not but if so that is normal. As the plant matures the fan leaves will die back even if it is getting fertilizer. it just happens so dont panic and over fertilize. i hope this helps you out a little.
  3. hey man thanks.

    I am sure they are a bit rootbound, they are in 5 gallon buckets, but it is so late in into the flowering period I dont want to transplant.

    So you think i should continue to water every 24-36 hours, but just keep her on her current every 6-7 day feeding schedule.

    I also goofed a bit, i didnt realize i was supposed to be giving her some bigbloom along wither tiger bloom during flowering, so I think thats why the leaves are yellowing a bit.

    Its not just the big fan leaves, but also some of the "smaller fan leaves" under the very bottom popcorn types of buds if you know what I mean.

    ALl new growth is as vibrant green as can be.

    SO just to clarify, I should not nute every other water if i am going to be watering ervery 24-36 hours right? I should keep my current once a week schedule?

    Thanks again, appreciate it.
    You can see my plants here :

    You can't really see the yellowing as I pulled some off, and its more towawards the buttom of the plant.

    Honestly I think it because I wasnt giving them grow big and tiger bloom during flowering, just tiger, and on there fox farm feeding schedule it said they should be getting both. So I think its just a very light N defeciency.

    Thanks again for the help, i will have better pics of the yellowing in about 3 hours.
  4. That is true now for my smallest pots. I will see how my mega pots get on.
  5. Rootbound? My plants are still vegging, with the exception of one, and their around 5 ft tall, and bushy in 5 and 7 gallon pots and are doing extremely healthy, Am I going to have to worry about them being root bound as well? I didn't think they would get too root bound in anything over 3...
  6. roots grow as big as you let them.
  7. True, roots will grow to fill the pot, whatever its size or aspect ratio.

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