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  1. Hey Guys and gals. not a complete newbie but havnt grown in a few years due to having kids, work etc.
    but finally decided to get back into it. bought a whole heap of seeds from Attitude seeds. Put 6 down 5 weeks ago. and 5 popped. 2 dark devils 2 High Priorities and 1 white Candy. they are all automatics. the 2 dark devils are looking good. started budding week 3. leaves are starting to purple up. the other 3 (to my disappointment) are still veg'ing and are quite short and stout. from looking at someone else's journal that grew the high priority they seem to start budding at week 6. for some reason I presumed all autos would bud around the same time. (silly me)
    I then got greedy and went on to sew 5 more seeds lol 4 dark devil autos and one Lemon Pineapple which I will mother. the grow tent is looking abit Jammed.
    1 seedling isnt looking too good. wondering if someone can help out. is it over watered or underwatered ?
    another thing, I've only ever grown in soil. can I get some advice on growing with perlite or vermiculite or that coco stuff
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  3. You could really use some perlite in that soil , poor drainage/aeration will cause problems down the road.
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  4. That's a pretty cool looking plant. Who is the breeder on that one? If your "auto" seeds are not flowering they may not be autos. That is one reason I never plant free seeds. Perlite is just popped rock. You can add it to your soil. More and more. You can never add too much. You'll see. Add a little to your mix next time and see how you like it better. But, when you add perlite, you are robbing a little of the soil nutrition so it must be added to compensate. If you don't like chemicals, don't add too much perlite. Just enough to make the mix feel the way you like it if you were a root.
    vermiculite is a soiless substance used to preserve moisture. Coco is a peat substitute. Your mix may already have all 3 in it.
    If you like mixing nutrients be careful. I started adding perlite and I just couldn't stop. Now there is no room in my fabric bags for anything else.
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  5. sweet seeds. dark devil automatic. I've grown it in the past and it comes out beautiful. has a fairly high yield age. smells Devine. but I've found the high doesnt last too long
  6. thank you for the advice. will give the perlite a go next round

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