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  1. Whtas up Grasscity!!! ok i took 50mgs of hydrocodone or so about 2 to 3 hours ago. i also have 2 seroquel and i was wondering if it would be safe to take tonight? i had concern because i didnt know if this would cause respitory failor or something weird. any advice is very appreciated
  2. how fucked up are you right now? if your good to go to bed, just go to bed.. no need to add a MEGA cns depressent on 50mg's of hydro, did u CWE?
  3. depending on the MG of the seroquel you should be fine.

    try and keep your seroquel dose under 300 mg tonight
  4. you know what its probably alright to just wait for tomorrow than. another question than a little bit after i took the pills i started to get seriously nauseated. now i really hadnt eaten much today so was that it? because ive never experienced that before
  5. i ate 6, 10mg lortabs.. empty stomach, very high tolarance.. and dude im feelin sick my damn self.. sippin on some coca cola
  6. fuck dude thats insane i just fuckin closed my eyes and held still for a while
  7. save your seroquel for an active day, if you do it at night, your just gonna fall right asleep. A younger guy who lives up the road from me takes them for insomnia and he just gives them to me. I used take them before school and zone through the day.

    Productivity FTW!
    haha :) it was good while it lasted

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