Semi Drunken/Stoned Pondering...

Discussion in 'General' started by Stonedgobln420, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. ^^^ was thinking about random crap ( more so when i'm buzzed)

    And I started thinking about how Foods are marketed. is ti just me or does anyone else find it odd to have an animal mascot advertising for said animal food?

    Examples are the Foster Farms Chickens, or the Starkist Tuna.

    I just find it odd because logically, animals dont want to be killed and eaten.

    So why would they endorse it ( even if it is a cartoon).

    Shit is any of this making sense?
  2. "People are strange." -Jim Morrison
  3. Well, it's not like the animal's sign contracts and get paid or anything.

    I appreciate the animals there. Otherwise, it'd just be mystery meat in everything, and I wouldn't really want to eat that...
  4. I know that but its the very idea behind it.
  5. That was my thought.

    Its not like in the dave chappelle standup

    "I love chicken".. "if you dont like chicken and watermelon there is something wrong with you, motherfucker.".... "if chicken approached me id glady do a commericial."... "shit, ill do it for free chicken."

    Who cares about advertising when the true crime in this country (US) is the media and how the govt has them in their back pocket.

    Media= Proproganda machine.

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