Semi autos???

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  1. Ok been given a cutting of a plant by a friend and was told it was a semi auto... Well I've never heard of a semi auto before. I know autos because I'm currently growing one but semi automatic flowering....

    Does this exsist and if so could some one please explain what makes it a semi and how best to veg and flower.

  2. Are you sure he didn't say sensi auto? That would make more sense. I've never heard of a semi auto.
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    I'll see if I can help. A semi-auto is supposedly a hybrid that will begin flowering at a given set of internodes, but won't finish completely unless the light cycle is reduced. We had a strain like that in the early 90's-supposedly pure bred high altitude Afghan. When planted outdoors around the spring equinox(Mar 21), it would begin flowering before or right at the summer solstice June 21/22). Within 6 weeks it would be finished, a full month before the earliest of any other regular strains would be finished here.
    Your case being that it is an actual ruderalis/whatever hybrid it may or may not be a stabilized hybrid, so it could go either way. If it is soild genetics and has both traits of rudies, and/or indica and sativa, I would just veg it as much as light intensity and space will allow for flowering, then flip it into 12/12. Hope that helped.

    Edit: If the cutting you have is a true semi-auto it should begin to flower under an 18 hr light cycle. If it does switch it to 12/12 immediately. It will still veg as it flowers for the 1st 3 weeks or so, then it should finish out super fast. If you wanted to see if you could put more weight on it, you could try reducing the light cycle by 1 hour per week after the 1st sign of flowering. The high altitude Afghan genetics we used to have would finish with the days still 14 hours long outdoors, so it may be a cool experiment to see how it responds to gradual light cycle reduction.
  4. Interesting.
  5. Wow excellent so good to have found some one so knowledgable on such things thanks alot man. I've been told she's mainly indica, which would make perfect sense looking at her she has very thin dark green leaves.

    I'm just hoping she'll root it's the very top section of the plant so not great for hormones, but I have dipped her in a rooting gel and potted her in some nice organic biobizz all mix on a windowsill but out of direct light..
    Thanks for your help if you're interested I'll post some
    Pics along the way....

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  6. Very interesting indeed. Like Arjan and Franco theorized, you can have ruderalis, indica, and sativa growing on the same mountain and all have the exact same genetic profile. At 3000 meters they're ruderalis, at 1000 meters they're indica, and at 50 meters they're sativa. And at all points in between you have variations.
    If a breeder has developed a strain that is a stable semi-autoflower it would be a landmark in breeding, that's for sure. After succesive generations grown from seed outdoors at 60 feet above sea level and 30something degrees north, our high altitude Afghan that showed both traits of Indica and Ruderalis eventually changed to more of a pure Indica. It got branchier and started to bloom later just like the regualar Afghan bagseed used to.
  7. Semi-auto also could refer to a strain that does not have any ruderalis mixed in so isn't really any kind of auto, but still it has a tendency to pop out into flowering on it's own even while still in veg.
  8. From what i can make out they can start to flower anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on grow environment...could be rubbish though..?
  9. all plants will show preflowers if vegged long enough, also its SATIVAs that have thin leaf
  10. This clone was planted a week ago today and is still looking like this. Is it actually dead or will it perk up if and when it roots.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks GC

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  11. Check for rootrot, happend to my clone a few days ago, kept it too wet... well, i would say keep the medium moist but not dripping when you pick it up. It looks like you've given it to little water though :/
  12. you should have taken clones from that a week ago. way to much plant material without a root system.
  13. That's a big ass clone man j don't think it's going to make. Way too big.
  14. Thanks guys yeah it's looking pretty damn dead to me

    But it's all good I'm going to put my GWS into flower beginning of next week so will take a cutting from that first.
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    Ok guys I'm bringing this thread back to life!

    Ok so the last semi auto didn't make it.

    But was given another already established clone initially we didn't know what plant it was from but have just found out that again it was a semi auto...

    I should have known really I've been vegging this thing for weeks and weeks now without knowing but just got a phone call from the friend i got it from telling me he is 100% it's the semi. Looks really similar to the one I had before, as I say I should have realized lol

    Any way the important stuff.

    This is a clone from a plant that has now been harvested but would make mine about 10 maybe 11 weeks old maybe.. Sorry don't know exact dates just a guess from what I know.

    I had a real tough time when i got her she was covered in mites which slowly I managed to get rid of...

    Now she showed no signs of sex or flower through out her whole veg cycle and seen as she was living in my tent with another of my ladies who was ready for flower I flipped them both to 12/12 and low and behold 10 days into 12/12 she is actually a she and is flowering nicely i think. Not to worried about yield with this girl I know she is small but has made a nice experiment none the less. For those that are interested I shall keep you updated.

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  16. Update

    Day 14 flower.

    I've done a little bit of LSTing to try and get a bot more light below the canopy. Flower is coming on nicely although not quite as thick and fast as I expected, but early days yet...

    Any thoughts or comments guys?

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  17. hey man!! what happend to the leaves on the last girl?! :O
  18. [quote name='"oggestaden"']hey man!! what happend to the leaves on the last girl?! :O[/quote]

    Hey man there was nothing wrong with the leaves think I had the fan on when I took the pic or something some of them had just flipped over in the breeze (it was very stringy and lanky) lol
  19. just thinking why the stem is bald??
  20. [quote name='"oggestaden"']just thinking why the stem is bald??[/quote]

    Not sure man all i know is it was the top cola of the plant chopped off. Too big to have rooted really but I know better now.

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