Semen for Depression

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  1. The uses of semen? One: reproduction. Two: best not mentioned, really

    May relate to this thread
  2. Hopefully you're not actually suggesting that there's something in semen itself that helps depression. This is stupid, sex is what makes people happy, not cum.

  3. /thread
  4. I read about that semen story when it originally broke in some pop culture magazine like newsweek. Definitely can be controversial but kinda makes sense in the whole scheme of pair bonding.
  5. Just read the thread you... suggested as a companion piece...

    not sure how i feel about it right now

    Definitely in a better mood right now. *chuckle*
  6. how does this relate to that other thread you linked

  7. //thread

  8. There was some discussion of the ideal "carrier" for the administration of the cannabis extractive anally (Glycerin or Coca butter). If semen causes mood improvement, then the possibilities for adjunctive therapy....:eek:

  9. Anyone who wants to jizz in my mouth so I don't want to kill myself is a stand up guy.
  10. skeet skeet skeet.

    They say it tastes like whatver food you eat, so i eat a lotta fruits....Cock-tail
  11. Actually, it is the cum...I saw it on an episode of Manswers.
    ...but the sex probably helps too. :smoke:
  12. Oh wow guys, it's semen that's received through the vagina that causes it. Get your girl on birthcontrol and ride bare back. I read this in cosmo like a year ago.

  13. Actually that is false. It is the endorphins that makes people happy during sex.
  14. Semen acts as an anti-depressant - 26 June 2002 - New Scientist


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