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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by daggakwagga, May 16, 2004.

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  1. OK, im no dealer. but this kid i know wants to buy some weed. I need the money and i want to sell him 2 joints for 10 dollars. i dont know if i should do that.
  2. just do it. its his fault for being stupid. give him better deals the more he buys from you
  3. at the highschool i used to go to there was this one kid that would sell joints for 5 bucks a pop. that was before i started smokin, now that i think about it he must have made a shitload of money. i\'d say go for it.
  4. ?, well a joint on average is .5 grams .... so thats like a gram which is normally 10$ so where exactly is somebody making money?, other then the dealer ...
  5. sale the joints, gas is priced ridiculously
  6. lol .. thats the dumbest question ive heard and the answer depends on several variables

    number one, how much did you pay for this weed? $50 an 8th i would make 2 .5ers and sell it to him for $20.. hes a dumbass ... $25 an 8th? i would make 2 .5ers and sell it to him for $20 ... you starting to see a trend here =)
  7. depends on the ammoutn of ganja used to roll them, its its less than wat u would get from buying a 10, then go for it

  8. lol yeah but to make a decent joint id say you need .5 grams ... wouldnt u?, lol so ur basically just giving him ur weed and u gatta go get more ... unless you pay more then 35 a 1/8 then ur just ripping ur self off

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