Selling your House?

Discussion in 'General' started by Smiley Moody, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I put my house on the market in December, had my first showing a week later and they put in an offer in. About a month later the jerk walked away, so my realtor has been showing my house pretty regularly since then. I know this is a terrible market to be selling, but I got laid off back in April and then immediately went back to school so it isn't exactly the best time for me to have a mortgage.

    Out of curiosity, has anyone recently sold their house or put it on the market, and if so, how long was it/has been on the market?
  2. I heard recently that spring house sales should be the best season we've had in the past couple years. No clue if they are right or not but I kinda hope so cuz i'm going to be putting my house on the market as well.

    Good luck to you :)
  3. Mine has been on the market for six months. But its a really unusual house....
  4. I'm on the other side of the equation, we bought our first house last year, closed in June... So many houses on the market that we were able to just wait for the place we wanted to come down in price.

    If theres any way you can avoid selling in this market I think you're much better served hanging onto it for a year or two.. But of course its not always our choice

    good luck
  5. Well I think that I've definitely priced it to sell. My neighbor has the same floor plan as I do with less upgrades. I live in a KB Homes neighborhood...nice houses, but definitely cooker-cutter - by that I mean their are probably 8 floorplans in the whole neighborhood, with each having a 2-3 three different elevations. For example, my neighbor and I have the same floor plan, but his exterior is vinyl and mine has a stone/brick fascade. Anyway, my point is that I would guess that my home has more value than his does, but his house is also on the market and priced $40k more than mine!!!

    Good luck to you guys also.

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