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Selling waterpipes on craigslist?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedmymindbro, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knew about this. I might want to sell a waterpipe I own and I was wondering if it's illegal/cops could show up.
  2. Only if its brand new, unused.
  3. If its used, clean it as if you were gonna take it through customs to get on a plane. No resin, no smell, nothing.

    And i wouldnt mention weed at all.
  4. Bought a helix kff craigslist. Dude had it clean as fuck but i think he for real just smoked legal unmentionables out of it
  5. Do not call it a bong. Apparently the word bong is illegal, but water pipe is not. I about pissed myself when I went into my headship and asked for a bong. He told me immediately that they don't sell bongs. Bongs are illegal, they are water pipes. So I came back with, "Yeah I don't smoke Marijuana, I smoke cheese", "Marijuana is illegal". Then I walked out.. LOL
  6. just clean itt up, like new. salt n iso or simple green.
  7. I don't think undercover officers would waste their time with paraphernalia... Maybe if its like a really slow month or something, haha

  8. Here paraphernalia actually holds a larger penalty than possession.
  9. ^^ Fuck that shit
  10. Shit dude, where do you live? I'll book a flight right now....

    Here in Kansas, even a speck of weed dust can land you in prison for a year.
  11. #11 fyrhazzrd, Aug 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2011

    Here Possession up to an ounce will generally get you probation. If you are a habitual offender you will get maybe six months. If you get caught with paraphernalia.. wait for it.. wait for it.. 1-3 years.


    Edit:: you are gonna love this one.. A friend of a friend got busted for growing.. He got busted with 57 plants.. Since he didn't have any weapons on the premises, he only got probation.

    Oh and right now they are considering knocking possession up to an ounce down to just a fine.. You don't even need to go to court.. LOL
  12. In CA when u get caught with weed, the cops smoke with you.

  13. Shenanigans.
  14. I wanna go to Cali just to see how good the bud there is looks GOOD AS FUCK!

  15. I get Cali shit all the time in Florida. Because it's so cheap, it's worth it for dealers to ship it all the way across country. Obviously, there are different types of weed with all sorts of different quality. Generally, yes, it will be good as fuck.
  16. I bought my ssv on craigslist. Colorado is pot friendly though. only I problem I foresee is that your ad might get flagged a lot.
  17. make sure it is completely clean and when you sell it tell him you will drive to him to sell it and see if he wants to load a bowl if not then whatever. haha

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