Selling or Giveing away HPS light.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cowofsteel, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. I have light that i found on a fallen street lamp. I am pretty sure this light works because when it fell it was on. (I saw it fall). I have no use for it so I think im gonna give it away or sell it. It looks like this but a little less long.

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  2. Is that what this is? A high pressure sodium light? I dont have the damnest clue.
    How much do these usually cost. If its less than $30 than I'll give to the first person how wants it, all they have to pay is shipping.
  3. Well does anyone want it? I feel it is being wasted just sitting here at my house when it could be used to grow!:)
  4. Looks like a 400w Son-t bulb,,in good condition...too bad you don't have a ballast,,,you and your plants would like that bulb,,good for whole grow....

    If you need to get rid of it that badly,,,,I could give an addy to you to send it to someone in the med community that may use it....

  5. I'm asuming that addy mean addresse, so yeah sure, why not... i dont use it.

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