Selling glass at shops?

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  1. What's up, folks? With Christmas and New Years Eve slowly approaching I'm looking to upgrade from my current hand-me-down pipe to a better one. I've been to a few shops that sell used pipes, but I've not been to the one I'll be visiting at the end of the year. The shop is Tye Dye Sky. I'm not sure if it's local or not (NE Ohio), so sorry if nobody's heard of it.

    My question is: does anyone here have any experience selling their old pipes? I'm just wondering how much I should expect to get, if anything. I've included a picture below, but the quality is meh, so I used as many objects as I could fit to compare its size to: a lighter, AA battery, pack of Marlboro 100s, Wii Remote, and CD case. The pipe isn't anything special, just your basic glass piece. It can hold about 0.5g of ground bud or shake. It's pretty durable, although I doubt that matters much.

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me.

  2. I've seen those bowls in Tobacco shops for $5-$10, so I really don't think you're gonna get anything for it. Also, I've never heard of headshops buying used glass, but that's just me.
  3. I've only seen it in small, local shops. Oh well, I'll probably end up just giving it to a friend or something. Thanks, though.
  4. Honestly I'm not 100% but me tinks that sounds illegal for them to buy used pipes with an illegal substance inside. If it has resin it has weed inside when they're buying the glass pipe they're buying weed too lol. They could scrape the pipe, smoke and get high. I've never heard of a shop buying used pipes..if you really want to you can clean it and see if they'll take it though lol..
  5. ive been to many head shops/smoke shops/glass galleries over the years and have NEVER heard of one that would buy someones used piece. why would they? have you ever seen them SELLING used pieces at your LHS? i already know that the answer is no, so if they are not going to turn a profit, why would they buy it to begin with?

    also, it is illegal. the reason that shops in many states can even stay open is with strict cooperation with the classification of their product. we all know that you cant refer to a water pipe as a "bong" in most shops, or that you have to use words like "smoke" or "product" rather than "bud" or "weed". they can claim that their products are for tobacco use only by selling only NEW and UNUSED gear. if they bought your rezzed up, used pipe, they would then be dealing with drug paraphenalia, NOT a tobacco pipe.

    and ultimately, its common sense.

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