Selling games to gamestop for cash

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  1. Hey guys I'm gonna sell black ops, skate 3, and finely fantasy 13 for xbox to gamestop for cash, how much do you think I'll get? And with the money I get will I be able to buy a decent sized grinder?
  2. Black Ops - $23.00
    Skate 3 - $10.00
    Final Fantasy 13 - $7.00

    They take off 15% if you want cash. So you'd end up with $34 cash at most. My grinder cost $50 at the headshop and it is awesome. If you want a good one it will probably be around $50 at the smoke shop locally.

    Or, you can trade the games into Amazon and use the credit on a grinder that is sold on amazon. That would probably be your best bet, I didn't get a chance to check the trade in values on Amazon.
  3. Thanks I'll try amazon or just sell to friends
  4. Keep your games
  5. Yea, you should trade to amazon. As long as it has the case and in good condition you'll be fine. Trade all 3 games at once. Then you just print out a shipping label for the package, put all 3 games in a padded envelope and send them in free. It takes me 3-4 days from the time I send it out to get the credit. I always like trading my games to them, they have a lot of great deals.

    You'll have the grinder covered and probably get some snacks or something too.
  6. If I trade to amazon I'll get $41.50 haha psych I'll just sell it to friends for $20 each.
  7. Good idea, they fucking rip you off compared to what they sell the game for.
  8. Don't sell em to gamestop they rip u off
  9. Craigslist mothabrotha
  10. selling games for a grinder ? this is a bad start man. never sell things for weed or stuff for weed
  11. If u don't play them or use it. Sell it.
  12. i was at gamestop the other day,
    all they offered was store credit.
    their loss..

  13. Actually it's because senior year is gonna start and I need to get better grades and honestly I'm more addicted to fucking call of duty than weed so I'm selling them so I won't be able to play them then I can buy a grinder.
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    Well that makes more sense still wouldn't sell it. I think locating a job if possible would be a better idea
  15. Get a job and Dunkin. I go blowed everyday.
  16. sell those games on craigslist and get some growlights ^^

    don't buy weed! invest in weed!
  17. Last time I traded in games at gamestop they said they only did in-store credit, not cash. It's a ripoff. Fuck Gamestop, I buy this game store called Packard's..old school games...they have psone, nintendo, movies, dvd's all the good's plus new shit of course.
  18. fuck gamestop! i sold a bunch of games there once and they paid me an average of about 2.30$ for some fairly new games then sold them for 12$.

    fucking assholes!
  19. ^ fuck everybody man one love.... Hahahaha
  20. Do you even know what "one love" means?

    Also, Gamestop used to rape me for games all the time too. As a little kid I traded in all my stuff just to get some other games. So many great games gone to those greedy asses.

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