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Selling car turbo for weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xsubxwooferx, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. A friend about half year ago gave me a full turbo kit for a mitsubishi eclipse. I have a civic with headers and prob wont use it. I was wondering how much I can sell it for to get weed? I said at scrapyard for 80 bucks yesterday and to bring it in today for him to see. Is that too low?

    It comes with Manifold. Turbo. Intake for turbo like tubing.

  2. I know nothing about cars, but $80 sounds low to me. Try to find the exact name/model number and just google that shit. Or check ebay for completed listings to see how much it's going for.

    Good luck, hope it works out for ya.
  3. ya 80 sounds way too low
  4. I'm an eclipse lover. 4th gen<3. Yeah, pretty cheap. What model is it for?
  5. That is way to low. Post it on craigslist. I sell shit like this on there all the time. If you could give me a make and model I could give you a rough value, also what the condition of it is.
  6. Yeh, or if you dont mind waiting (and have an account) - write a good description and post it on eBay. Craigslist was good advice also..
  7. Yea thats really cheap for an almost full turbo system. Do you know what kind of turbo it is? Cause they go upwards from 500-4000 bucks depending on condition and make
  8. Probably the most important question....does it even work?
  9. Scrap yards dont pay you buy the price of the unit or scrap, they pay you buy weight of metal you bring in.

    Try selling the stuff on craigslist. ebay. or straight up to your dealer if he needs for his car.

    But 80$ at a scrap yard is probably normal price.

  10. True. They might not even give you $80, but it depends what type of metal the thing is; could be a little more. Either way, don't take it there. First find out what it is, then sell it on craigslist for less than everyone else. Probably very easily get over double what the scrapyard will give you.
  11. If it's actually a full turbo kit you could get a few hundred eZ

  12. Your selling your car parts to get reefer? Are you broke?

    Even if you don't need the part you shouldn't be selling it specifically for weed.

    That's on you though. Your not going to get anything close to what it's worth.
  13. Wow don't sell that for 80 dollars. If it's a full working turbo setup you can get 500+ for it. I don't know much about turbo setups for mitsu / honda... but I know brand new for my car they are $3,000+

    But really man, once you get to the point where you're selling your possessions off for weed, you should seriously consider looking for a job or something. That's just sad.
  14. idk about the eclipse but i payed 4k to turbo my old dc5

  15. $80

    HELL NO. unless it's dogged as hell or is a factory DSM turbo, then it is probably the former anyway :D
  16. if its all from ebay sell it to a scrapyard so no1 blows up their engine with a POS turbo

    otherwise post up specs and i as well as some other members can help appraise it for you

    im not even gonna go into why youre selling it:wave:
  17. aren't turbo kits like $1500..?
  18. It really depends on the specs of the kit. They can range from $2,000-$3,000 dollars or more. What turbocharger, what vendor put the kit together, does it come with software, etc...
  19. Just cut your losses and throw that shit away or scrap it. You dont wanna get into with a dealer because you gave him a fucked up non functioning POS turbo.

    You say its a Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo kit? Is it 1st gen or 2nd gen? There are no reliable turbo kits for 3rd or 4th gen eclipses.( can only be pieced together using evo parts).

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