self wire led''s some questions

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  1. so i was thinking that if you got some 4x8 sheets of dry erase white board and poked 500 holes in it nice and in order then and put 500 red and blue lights in it and wired em all up on the back and did the whole cieling in a room and maby the top 4 foot of the walls, like 5,000 3mm led bulbs in a room, i want to get the exact lumens os each bulb and figure out how dense they would have to be to get a good lumen to squair ratio.

    any1 have any ideas?
  2. which part are you asking the question about? I doubt you want to try and connect those without some sort of breadboard, and I wouldnt worry too much about the white color of it since the light in LED's is semi directional.

    To figure out the light output....lumens of 1 bulb * # of bulbs?
  3. yes i need the lumen count for the bulb so i can do the math, u can get loose 3mm led's really cheap, seems like it would make it a lot more economical to wire them yourself
  4. they arent that cheap. you will save some, but its a LOT of work soldering all of that. Plus LEDs suck at growing plants. good luck though
  5. Those little guys arent worth the effort, the smallest led i would go is the 1 watt luxeon star(e-bay like 1.50 each shipped to usa from china) I made a led light for my fish tank using blue and white cree's and the result is amazing, comparable to a MH setup.

    I dont have the correct nm for each led but for what you want to do you would want red, red-orange, blue, and royal blue. The red and blue are good enough but if your feeling squirlly you could use all four.

    I dont mean to discourage you or anything but trust me 500 holes is alot of holes for something that honestly probably wont do much. Not to mention the wiring part. I do believe in leds however!! Couple car batteries and a solar panel and a total self sufficient system. Oh the possibilities!
  6. i have a 12 volt solar panel too!! and i have 2 12 volt lithium ion 90amp batteries out of an electric scooter. thats like 500 worth of stuff right there, prolly would take a lifetime to wire all that up.
  7. Don't forget to add some white bulbs in there too! Good Luck!:wave:
  8. Once you start adding up what good LED's cost you find out the project gets expensive. The best price I found was 50 cents per 1 watt led. Still that adds up.
  9. you can get 20 3mm led's for 99 cents shipped, wouldnt 20 3mm's b brighter than just 1 1 watt?
  10. Not really sure about that but it would be a hell of alot of soldering to find out they're not.

    jooky .50 is a good price, is there a minimum purchase required? link? you've got my attention.

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